Making A Smaller Bedroom Work Better For You

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When you’re decorating a new bedroom, one of the vital tips to follow is to play with the hand that’s been dealt to you. While everyone might pine for a large, luxurious pad with plenty of space, there’s a lot of good to be done with a smaller bedroom, too. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips that can help you not only overcome its shortcomings but play up its strengths, as well.

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Maximize your light

If there’s one thing that can make a fairly small space look even smaller, it’s letting shadows and darkness dominate the room. One way to avoid that is to keep larger items and furniture away from light sources, whether it’s the window or the light fixture so that they have less opportunity to cast shadows across the room. You can maximize the light that comes into the room as well with a brighter and lighter color scheme, not to mention slimmer window treatments that don’t obstruct the sunlight as much.

Leave yourself as much floor space as possible

With a smaller room, you have a limited amount of floor space to stand, walk around, get dressed, and so on. You don’t want to take up that limited space with furniture that might be a little bulkier than it needs to be. Floating your furniture is going to be your best friend, whether it’s using more shelves on the wall, hanging baskets from hooks, or even freeing up a lot of space with platform beds. Even the furniture that you might not be able to get under yourself can be used for additional storage room.

Make good use of the walls

Keeping in the spirit of the above tip, since you’re not likely to have lots of bulky furniture to decorate the tops of, you should instead look at how you decorate your space vertically, instead. Shelves allow for plenty of room for knick-knacks, vignettes, and the like, but wall art can help you really maximize your visual impact without taking up as much space. There are other options, such as photo galleries for those who like to add a little personal history to their decor, as well as cladding if you want a minimalist, but not boring, look to the wall.

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Use every corner

While the walls don’t need a lot of additional decor to give your room some personality, the corners are a little different. When they’re bare, it feels like they can be a little claustrophobic in a smaller space. However, decorating them can create a cozier vibe, instead. As such, there’s a lot you can do with each corner. If the door is in one, the bed should be nestled in the opposite corner. Otherwise, it’s a great place for your main piece of storage, a little bedside table with a decorative vignette or even a houseplant.

A smaller bedroom can offer a truly cozy and intimate space to rest alone or with a partner. With the tips above, hopefully, you can see how to truly make the space work for you.

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