How to Survive & Thrive in a Tech-Based Job

The workplace has shifted dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. However, one thing has stayed constant — the growing tech industry. If your job is tech-based, you know all about fast-paced environments and how rapidly they change. Use this guide for adapting and growing in your tech job.

1. Rely on Support

Mentors are an excellent way to grow in your career. Find someone with industry experience who can guide you through the trials and tribulations of the tech world. There’s a good chance they were in the same shoes as you once. As a woman, it may help to seek out another woman as your mentor because they’ll understand better what you’re going through. 

You can also get support from your friends and coworkers. Your coworkers know your work struggles, and your friends know your personal troubles. Find people you can rely on for help in both aspects of your life. Imposter syndrome may creep in, but remember that you’re not alone. No matter your position, show yourself some love and give yourself credit for making it this far. 

2. Keep Learning

In tech, the knowledge you gain in college only lasts so long before you need to update it. Each year, better practices come along, and sometimes they’re industry-changing developments. Many employers offer continued learning programs in-house or through tuition reimbursement at an accredited college or university.

One way you can build your resume is by getting technical certifications. These classes are valued achievements to boost your employee profile to your current and potential future employers. For example, you could get cloud certification from Microsoft or Google. Demonstrating knowledge of integrated platforms as a service (iPaaS) can help you get specialized jobs and higher salaries. 

3. Embrace Change

Technology changes with the devices themselves and with the companies. Businesses rise and fall, and these events can occur overnight. It’s essential to be ready for change and embrace it positively.  

In the last few months, tech companies have conducted massive layoffs. In January 2023, companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others combined for over 100,000 tech layoffs. In 2022, layoffs affected nearly a quarter-million workers. 

So, how do you keep your job in uncertain times like mass layoffs? The best solution is to stay with the times and make yourself a valuable employee. For example, experience with iPaaS makes you a more valued worker because you can do the work of multiple people and free up staffing positions. You’ll also help the company save money on excessive hardware and software. 

4. Refine Soft Skills

In science and tech-based jobs, you must fully display your hard skills. Demonstrating knowledge of various software and coding languages goes a long way in landing your dream job. However, don’t neglect your soft skills — they’ll help you adapt and grow in any work environment. 

One critical soft skill in tech you need is communication, which also supports collaboration. Your job may consist of independent work, but communication skills are handy when it’s time to ask for help or present a project. Clear explanations will satisfy your colleagues, who can depend on you for information. 

Another soft skill you need in tech-based environments is networking. It isn’t always easy, especially for those with introverted tendencies, but making a few connections here and there can completely change the outlook of your career. When you network, you discover innovations in the industry, advice based on past experiences and contacts for the future if you need them. 

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5. Focus on Yourself

At the end of the day, you need to stay true to yourself and believe in your capabilities. Put yourself first and control what you can control. Feeling like you’re in control puts your mind at ease, whether you’re keeping up with daily tasks or presenting a big annual project. Keep honing your skills and make yourself valuable in any workspace you visit. 

6. Ask for Feedback

Growth is essential at every stage of your life and career. Finding ways to improve incrementally shows you’re serious about your job. Ask for feedback on your work. Good management will give you constructive criticism on your projects and what you can do to improve. 

Ask your direct supervisor if you can meet with them weekly or monthly to discuss your performance. Even if it’s just a few minutes, you can take notes and prepare for the future. Getting negative responses is not what you want to hear, but they are the building blocks of how you become a better worker. Correcting mistakes shows your ability to grow in your work environment.

Finding Room to Grow in Tech-Based Jobs

Imagine traveling 100 years in the past and telling your ancestors that you’re a software engineer. They’d look at you puzzled when you describe your daily routine. The beauty of technology is that it’s constantly changing, often for the better. 

Companies are changing how they operate more than ever. When working in tech, adaptability is essential — so hone your skills and prepare for the future.

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