When is the Right Time to Buy a Mattress?

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Purchasing a mattress doesn’t depend on the season; you can do it anytime. You can, of course, but it would be much better if you paid attention to some of the following suggestions.

Your purchase will be significantly affected by the time of year, and one of the most important aspects will be the price. To be blunt, you should only purchase a mattress once the price is reduced.

With this in mind, you might save lot of money if you knew when beds were on sale. In light of this, we’ll go over some crucial factors that you should consider in the hopes that they’ll prevent you from wasting a sizable sum of money that you could use for something more urgent. Let’s look at it.

How Do You Know When to Replace Your Mattress?

No mattress will endure forever, despite what certain mattress companies may claim. Although specific models are sturdier than others, your mattress’s parts may eventually disintegrate. This may influence how supportive and comfy your mattress feels, resulting in restless nights and groggy mornings.

If any of the following describe your present bed, you may want to think about getting a new mattress:

  • Your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips regularly give you aches, pains, or pressure spots. Over time, the mattress’s comfort layers might get softer, making you sink into the surface more.
  • There are deep bodily imprints where you and your spouse usually sleep. This is typical mattress wear and tear, and if the imprints are significant enough, your warranty can cover a free mattress replacement.
  • The edges start to sag more when you sit or lie down at the edge of your mattress. Over time, even mattresses with solid edge support will start to sag.
  • You’ve been experiencing more body aches than usual: In addition to your lifestyle and weight-related concerns, an old mattress is one of the primary causes of body aches. Your old mattress may not provide enough support, which might explain any back, shoulder, neck, or general pelvic pain you experience.
  •  According to the slumber search team the mattress might lose height or thickness and cause body problems if there is not enough sagging in the comfort layer. Your bodily ache can be caused by a mattress that is no longer functioning or has lost some of its functionality, despite appearances to the contrary. It is one of the primary causes and warning signs that a new mattress is necessary.
  • You feel worn out and exhausted when you awaken. Your sleep quality may worsen because the layers become less solid as mattresses age.
  • You display signs of dust allergies. Dust mites and other allergens like mold and mildew can be drawn to old mattresses.
  • The mattress has been yours for more than eight years.
  • Regarding the final point, a typical mattress will last six to eight years before needing to be changed. A mattress’s durability can be affected by the materials used to build each layer. 

Purchase between March and May: 

Since new items are introduced in the spring, businesses are attempting to reduce their inventory and lower prices.

Every year in June, mattress makers often unveil their newest models. Mattress purchases are daily throughout June through September, and costs are usually at their greatest. The months before this busy season are the greatest for shopping. To make place for the newer models in their showrooms and warehouses, businesses aim to sell off as many of their older items as possible. There is no need to purchase the most recent mattress model since, unlike more high-tech devices like laptops and cell phones, mattresses only undergo substantial changes yearly.

Purchase on special days like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July.

Around holiday weekends, many mattress companies and big-box retailers arrange special sales events. One of the best times to purchase a mattress is around Memorial Day, which is observed on the final Monday in May. This is because fresh inventory is just starting to arrive in retailers.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to search for deals around federal holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. For instance, Mattress Firm has recently offered Labor Day bargains on “king mattresses for the price of a queen” and “queens for the price of twins.” For Veterans Day in November 2019, well-known online mattress companies Leesa and Casper provided discounts of between 10 and 15 percent. The fact that many of these holiday discounts begin a whole week before the holiday itself is significant.

Utilize online sales such as Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day.

Because so much retail activity now occurs online rather than in physical locations, astute consumers should keep an eye out for the most significant yearly online discounts. The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday and serves as the online version of Black Friday. Most big companies give 20 to 30 percent off specific models during this yearly sales event, and it would be difficult to find an online merchant that doesn’t participate.

Mattress discounts are available to Prime members during Amazon Prime Day, which honors Amazon’s birthday. Due to the epidemic, Prime Day 2020 was held in October instead of the customary mid-July time slot for the sales event. To take advantage of Prime Day bargains, it would be a good idea to join Amazon’s one-month free trial if you are not already a member of Prime.

Look for shop closings and overstock bargains.

If you prefer to buy in person, closing and overstock sales at your neighborhood mattress or home furnishings store provide fantastic chances to score significant savings. When a retailer wants to clear out older inventory to make way for newer models because their showroom is at capacity, overstock sales occur. Online overstock sales are another option and operate on a similar premise. Contrarily, closing sales occur when a store announces its closure and has to liquidate its inventory swiftly.

Summer Savings

Memorial Day and Labor Day, the unofficial bookends of the summer, provide great deals on mattresses across various mattress manufacturers. Based on the previous pricing we’ve seen, Labor Day also provides good mattress and bedding reductions. Although deals are available on July Fourth, they are often less attractive than the abovementioned promotions. Therefore, do so if you can wait until a significant selling holiday (such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day).

The process of purchasing a mattress can be tricky since you want to avoid putting your long-term investment in a situation where you have to think twice, go through the trouble of returning, make calls, or deal with other problems. Because of this, you should always test a mattress in person before buying it to feel how it feels. This mattress purchasing guide will assist you in making the best choice because there may be budgetary limitations and other issues that are postponing or delaying your mattress purchase.

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