Tips For Being A Responsible Homeowner

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Responsibility can be hard to handle when you’re a homeowner, especially if you’re new to the ‘job’. No longer do you have a landlord to call when things go wrong, or your parents to tell if you notice something needs fixing – you’ve got to sort it all out yourself! So it’s clear you’ve got a lot to learn ahead, but are you up to the task? A lot of it depends on how well you get settled in from the moment you get the keys, so let’s make sure you know what to look out for. 

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Find the Valves and Pipes

Pipes and valves are a part of the biggest system in your home: the plumbing. Not only is this responsible for flushing the toilet and providing clean water for a shower, but it ensures you’ve got plenty of drinking water on tap too! 

And knowing where your pipes lead is crucial for the winter period; you’ll need to keep them wrapped and warm before the freezing weather hits. In the meantime it’ll help you deal with any water related damages, as you’ll be able to turn off the supply without much trouble. 

Research Common Home Problems

Some problems are more common than others, and it makes sense to be ready for these. After all, you’ll want to have the number of a local plumber in your phone if a pipe bursts or the sink gets blocked – being ready is half the battle. 

So consider the age and condition of your home, as well as your location and the kind of ground the property is built in. For example, is it soft or quite muddy? This could end up a problem during periods of rain so know the signs ahead of time. 

Have a Home Savings Pot

If you’ve saved up for a repair it won’t be anywhere near as disastrous. That means you’ll want a home savings pot in place now you’ve become a homeowner. This ‘pot’ is simply for funneling away extra cash that could save your property one day, and if you don’t get it started early, it’s going to be hard to save a substantial amount. Do yourself a favor here! 

Call in a Repair as Soon as You Notice

Repairs are far less costly when you get them done early on. When a problem is still small and can be contained with just a bit of work, your home savings pot may not be wiped out in one go. However, if you let a repair job go on as is for months, it’ll be one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to pay for! Even if you think you’re capable of ‘DIYing’ it, get it done within that week to save your time, energy, and money.

To be a responsible homeowner, you simply need to use a bit of forethought. Keep tips like these on your side as you adjust to owning your property; they’ll help you to prioritize. 

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