5 Solutions for Working Women Trying to Balance Careers & Families

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Balancing a career with family responsibilities can be challenging, exhausting, and sometimes feel outright impossible. However, the good news is with careful planning, preparation, and support, it is actually possible to achieve a satisfying work-life balance.

It might sound too good to be true, so here are some top tips for working women to help them navigate the demands of their careers while caring for their families.

Good luck!

Get Flexible

Exploring flexible work options such as part-time work, working from home, flextime, or having more roles that are online-based can help give you more control over your schedule. This should allow you to adjust your work hours which can then help you accommodate any family responsibilities you have.

Efficient Time Management

There are 24 hours in the day, and you will most likely want to make the most of every single one. To do this, prioritize and organize any jobs. Make use of to-do lists, calendars, and also digital tools that can help you manage your time effectively. Be sure to set realistic goals, delegate tasks wherever you can, and learn to say no to non-essential commitments to avoid becoming overwhelmed (and using up time best spent elsewhere!).

Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are important for sanity, so make sure to set some between your work and family life. Dedicated time for work and family activities can help keep you mindful and ‘in the moment’, so try to avoid mixing the two. To make your boundaries known, be sure to communicate them to your employer, colleagues, and family. This way, they can understand and respect your need for work-life balance and how you want to achieve it.

Get Your Family Involved

You don’t have to be a ‘one woman band’ – involve your partner and children (where appropriate) in the household chores and responsibilities. Age-appropriate tasks for kids can teach them about responsibility and help promote teamwork within the family; don’t forget to speak clearly and honestly with your partner about the division of household and childcare duties to ensure a fair distribution of responsibilities if you haven’t already.

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Utilize Supportive Resources

If you can afford to, take advantage of resources and services that can help ease the burden of trying to carry and nurture the world. This can include anything from meal delivery services, online food shopping, housekeeping assistance, after-school clubs, or even care for family members who are under your care. If this is something else you have taken on, head over to alinahomecare.com to see what in-home care options might suit you. 

You really can have it all, but something you cannot forget to do is look after yourself. When juggling so much, it is easy to forget to take care of number one. Always make time for yourself, rely on a support network, and pat yourself on the back once in a while!

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