This Week In News 5/24

This week saw tragedy and heartbreak, and at Literally, Darling, our hearts go out to all those who were affected by the Oklahoma tornado, to our readers in London who’s streets have been violated, and to those who knew the victims of American drone attacks. Here at Literally, Darling, we are celebrating with all those young boys who previously had been denied from joining their peers in Boy Scouting, who finally now can.

It was a big week for news. Our world is changing every day, and it’s hard to keep up. So just in case you missed it, each week at Literally, Darling, we bring you the news, and help keep you informed.

British soldier killed in broad daylight in the middle of London.

Two assailants descended upon the man, a serving British soldier, and repeatedly stabbed him and attempted to decapitate him, sources say. One assailant was caught on camera spouting jihadist rhetoric and claiming that the attack was “an eye for an eye.”

24 dead in an Oklahoma tornado on Monday afternoon.

Nine children were included among the fatalities, and the tornado was classified as an EF5, the highest possible rating for a tornado. Dozens of homes were destroyed, including an elementary school where at least 7 of the child fatalities occurred.

President Obama vows to limit use of drones.

In a speech given on Wednesday, Obama addressed the use of unmanned drones by the US government in anti-terrorism strikes. In his speech, Obama stated that he plans to cut down on the use of drones, and also confirmed the death of four American citizens in drone strikes for the first time ever publicly.

Boy Scouts of America allows openly gay youths to become scouts.

In a pivotal decision that will change the face of scouting, the Boy Scouts of America have amended their rules, and will now allow openly gay youths to take part in the association. However, openly gay scout leaders are still barred from participating. 

IRS official Lois Lerner placed on administrative leave.

Following the scandal that has rocked the IRS, Lois Lerner, the director who oversaw tax exempt organizations, has been placed on administrative leave in light of the recent news. Lerner has invoked her fifth amendment right to not incriminate herself, and thus is declining to answer further questions.

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