My Life According to Grumpy Cat

Every once in a while something that seems utterly ridiculous pops up on the internet and it spreads like wildfire. This year it was Grumpy Cat, the frowny faced kitten that launched a thousand memes. Tardar Sauce, a female cat with an unusual face takes videos of kittens on YouTube to a whole different level. What started as a picture on reddit has led to Tardar


Sauce being a guest on numerous television shows and an overnight internet star. She has her own Facebook and Twitter, of which I am an avid follower, and was even featured at SXSW. What started as a picture of a cat with feline dwarfism has become my favorite thing on Twitter. I look forward to the tweets “she” sends out. They are snarky comments that combine things a crotchety grandpa would say with the sass of my teenaged sister. My addiction to grumpy cat means that friends and family often get pictures of Tardar with sassy captions underneath.


I’m not the only one who is obsessed with Grumpy Cat; her Facebook page has over 800,000 likes.  Why is she so popular? One reason is that people love looking at pictures and videos of kittens doing silly things. YouTube, after all, is the home of kittens on Roombas and kittens riding on dogs. Another is that she always looks grumpy, and when you’re feeling a little crotchety, what is

better than a grouchy looking cat with sarcastic captions? When I’m feeling a little grumpy I just type the words grumpy cat into Google and I instantly feel better. Bummed out during the holidays? There is definitely a meme for it featuring my favorite cat. Love the Harlem Shake; you best believe Tardar Sauce has one (well almost).



She flashes her ominous gaze before the free-style part of the song. For the most part I am a pretty happy person, I try to look at things optimistically, but Grumpy Cat has allowed me to embrace my inner grouchy cat lady and I can be found in bed at 2 am flipping through grumpy cat photos. So the next time you’re in a bad mood, check out some grumpy cat memes, even if it doesn’t alleviate your mood, at least you know of one thing grumpier than you!


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