x, why, z

I feel like life should be as simple as the alphabet. After all, it ticks in chronological order and as with anything else, what begins must end. A, B, C, will always still reach X, Y, and Z.

After all, we cross off experiences; we question why about what unsettles us; and one way or another, we will eventually arrive to ze end (ze= the; that’s my future French accent coming out).

As I practically just spelled out, life, at its least complex, is seemingly as simple as the alphabet. Although, if that were the case, how do I discover why I ran into my first boyfriend exactly three years on the dot after our breakup (it was on Memorial Day, and I will never forget it)? What can spell out the secret to why my mom’s surprise graduation gift for me arrived on my doorstep, after returning from the hospital the day I found out she passed away?

You can try to spell out life with four letters, but life will never be spelled out for you.

We may just have to wait and see, the reason why the good die young, or wait to discover the conundrum behind running into our ex’s.

While I believe it is crucial to look back and ask why the experiences crossed your life played out the way they did, ultimately, at the end of the day, you still get to the same place, you still reach the end of the alphabet.  Yet how will we ever get there, if we are stuck asking why? There is a life beyond recalling the past and we have to let it come to its natural completion, not just part of the way there. The only way to spell out how to move forward is to stop asking why (or how/what) z (the end) entails and just let it come.

The A, B, C’s of life would read out as the absolute bullshit/crap we call life, if we expect it to be spoon fed to us.

While our lifespan ticks in chronological order (what begins must end), what we make of ourselves should not be simple enough to measure or define under the A, B, C’s of life. I would like to think we are much more complex than that, and as we get older we have to accept that not everything will make sense. While naturally over time, we are bound to find some of the answers we’ve looked for, but we also need to accept that sadly we can’t divine our future via Alphabet Soup.

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Just as our lives began as easily as speaking a, b, c, one way or another, we will reach x, (maybe) why, and always z.

PS- Fun facts about the Author: I NEVER curse! So I apologize for my French, and for ze French accent ;) Also, I have never eaten alphabet soup before.

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  • When you bring free will into the equation for just one person, even the alphabet becomes more complex by a large number (around 60K). Now consider the free will of several hundreds, thousands, of people. Life could be simple, but never will be.

    Welcome to The Law of Attraction.

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