Local Music For My Non-Local Darlings: The Farewell Circuit


I’m over reading reviews about nationally known musicians. I’m over reading reviews about locally known musicians.

In college, I wanted to be an arts critic. This was when critics used to have legit credentials permitting them to provide their valuable, thoughtful opinions. Now, thanks to the internet, everyone can put their opinion out there, regardless of their background. Unfortunately, it seems that fewer people feel compelled to talk about the positive. Instead, we’re quick to cut down and badger the acts we dislike.

Look, your brain and ears are not the same as mine. We hear things differently. What makes you feel moved to boogie might make me feel annoyed and frustrated. What might make me feel inspired might make you feel bored. That rules. I love how different we are. You know what, I’ve got a friend, he explains this stuff way better than me.

Moral: I love music and I want to share it with you, darling. I want you to give it a listen because you feel like hearing something new. By exposing you to local bands from my neck of the woods, I’m giving you the opportunity to be that ballerific friend who shares new music with your other friends. Let’s share the things we love instead of gripe about the things we hate. 

Imma start with one of my favorite Minneapolis bands: The Farewell Circuit. They’ve just released We Were Wolves, their newest EP and it slays. It’s vibey, thick and packed full of meaning. #thatswhatshesaid. As a whole, this band is technically tight, rhythmically robust and probably doesn’t like alliteration as much as I currently do.

Photo: Jessica Ekstrand
Photo: Jessica Ekstrand

Don’t take my word for it: Buy their stuff or give them part of a penny every 19th time you listen to their jamz on Spotify. They’ve got Facebook and Twitter too. Stalk away. They may not all be single, but they’re all pretty fun to look at. #yourewelcome

My second favorite part about this band is its members. If you know dudes in a band, in many cases, you know all of the dudes in all of the bands. They kind of have a type, amirite?* Not these guys. They’re actually really nice and they’re supremely passionate about their music. They can be seen before and after shows, sharing laughs and inside jokes with much of the crowd. You can hear this sense of authenticity in their music and you can see it in their stage presence. It’s the best.

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Oh, and that friend I told you about before? He’s in this band too. He plays drums. He’s my favorite. Don’t tell the others.

Listen and tell me if you love it. If you hate it, just stop listening and go back to whatever else it was you liked better. #byeloveyoubye

*Dear all dudes in bands: Please calm down. I’m being cheeky for effect.

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