Fashion Friday: To Die for Tie-Dye

For me, tie-dye is a staple of summer (while bringing some serious Lisa Frank, circa 1994, nostalgia to your wardrobe). The dream of tie-dying blank sheets for summer picnics and music festivals is all so cinematic, or maybe it’s straight from an old photo from the 1970s. Regardless, there’s just something about summer that welcomes the beauty of imperfection. Days are spent outdoors, withstanding the heat of the sun, mist of the ocean, thick air and humidity. Hair fallen out of place, unbrushed beach waves, light makeup, and the sprinkling of freckles create the most wonderful raw form of beauty. Tie-dye, never perfect, is a must have/must do for your summer wardrobe. Here are some looks that I love.


For the DIY’er

Instead of sheets, try white canvas shoes (found via Pinterest).



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Banner Image: Fabrics of Cuzco by Jano Silva DC

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