My Favorite Relationship With A Man

The best relationship I’ve ever had with any man is with my dad.

He is the one man who has entered my life and vowed never to leave. And unlike other guys that have walked into my life, my dad has never walked out. He never gave up on me, even when I accosted him with vindictive words as an angsty teenager just because I could.

My Dad and I, we have this sense of humor that is so bizarre, awkward, and possibly inappropriate, but it’s ours. And despite difficult times that have arisen, that sense of humor that is our’s has become my rock.

Our connection was strong from the beginning. While I go by Ella, he personally picked out my full name: Daniella. I may have molded myself with my own two hands, but my dad was there when I took my first steps.

As I have grown and changed, like everyone naturally does, so has he. He was married to my mom, and then she passed away. He was single, and now he is seeing someone.

Some things, however, have remained as constant as our humor being my rock. Because no matter who has entered and left his life, I was there (and vice versa). Regardless of his relationship status, he never neglected his relationship with me– he never forgot about me.

My dad loves. I see how he loves. And witnessing his example since day 1, maybe I too will be able to love the way he does.

It is so strange to me that somehow people are astonished when they discover that it is psychologically proven that we tend to fall for significant others that resemble our parents. But, come on…

how could I not want to find a man like my dad?


Listen up boys, because there is some major truth behind the expression “like father like daughter”.

While not all fathers are there for their daughters, it is universal that they have great affect on their kids, whether they are present or absent. Although from afar it seems as if my dad and I stand on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, I would not be the “Ella” in Daniella without him. Which is why it should be no surprise as to why we tend to long for someone relative to our parents– we long for that security and steadiness that is so hard to attain.

That’s just it.

I would kill to find a man who will love me the way he does. How many men out there could honestly give their whole world to someone they care about? Honestly, that species of man is starting to seem extinct. And if all hope is not lost, come out of hiding– PLEASE.

But regardless of who enters my life and promises to stay, there is already one man in my life who has accomplished just that– I will always be my daddy’s girl.

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That is why, hands down, my favorite relationship with a man is the one I have with my dad, because

                  it is literally, darling, and it is forever, mine.


PS- Fun facts about the Author: One time my dad picked me up from school in an outfit resembling my high school uniform in the hopes of being mistaken as my older brother/a student…


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  • Beautiful, beautiful post, Ella. I’m really touched by your relationship with your dad and it reminds me, and certainly other readers as well, how beautiful and important my relationship with my father is because of the unique bond we have. “Daddy’s Girl” is a serious label; it fits!

    • Oh Anisah, I cannot even begin to explain how much your comment means to me! We all have different relationships with our dads but no matter what, we’re guaranteed a father. And whether he is a prominent figure or not, that relationship really shapes who we are. As a daddy’s girl myself, I just had to share how I see things!

      But once again, I am so glad you enjoyed the article and could relate!! That’s all I could ever ask for haha :)

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