Fashion Friday: The Pin-Up Summer

I think every lady should add a little pin-up to her look. The style has influenced generations of fashion, proving to be less of a trend, and more of a staple. Adding a little pin-up doesn’t mean you have to be overly done upThis post is about summer style, after all (sweat, water, heat – the best). Less is definitely more when you’re headed to the beach or poolside – pairing the right suit and shades is all you really need. But if you do want to add a little more “up” to your look, focus on the eyes, lips, and brows. For the complete look, check out our retro girl’s make-up guide. We’re obviously fans of this look.

The lips: Reds (anywhere from deep to cherry) and corals are a must for pin-up lips. Two of my favorite shades are the Red and Hot Red by Beauty is Life. This lipstick is deeply saturated, doesn’t dry out your lips, and stays on great. Read our tips to get the best pucker here.


The eyes: Add a little wing to the corner of your eye. I tried this look for the first time my sophomore year of college — and it stuck. Over four years later, I’m still wearing this look (when I find something I love, I like to keep it). It’s always a safe bet to wear waterproof liner if you plan on being near water (also, have I mentioned sweat, and how hella-hot it is in Texas?) To get the classic cat eye, find a felt tip – it’s the easiest to work with and you’ll get that bold, sleek line. For summer, get Stila’s waterproof liner in Intense Black.


Brows: I’ve never been a fan of waxing my brows. I think I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed twice my entire life, and unless you find someone you really trust, I recommend tweezing. Don’t over-pluck! Eyebrows are meant to frame and bring attention to the eyes (one of our best features), so don’t get rid of the frame. To add more definition and a fuller look, try using Benefit’s Brow Zing. I have dark eyebrows, so just a little bit of this goes a long way. It’s a bit pricey ($30) but will last you forever! Tip: Make sure your nightly moisturizer stays away from your brows; some moisturizers can stunt growth and make hair fall out!


Find the perfect swimsuit.

For the pin-up look, find styles with polka dots, gingham prints, fruits and florals, and of course, nautical themes (stripes, sailboats, reds and blues). I LOVE that high-waisted and one-piece swimsuits are now considered “in style”. While there’s nothing wrong with the basic two-piece, it’s nice to change up your look (and have options that are fashionable if you’re wanting to show a little less skin). There are a lot of great stores that have very cute pin-up inspired swimsuits this season. Be sure to check out ModCloth, Target, Anthropologie, American Apparel, Betsey Johnson and Urban Outfitters to get your retro on.

The Polka Dot

Gingham Style





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