I’m Too Old For This: 20-Something Tuesday

So you’re at work, and your boss is trying to teach you how to use Microsoft Office. Or you find yourself sitting at the kiddie table at family reunions. Or you drink two beers and wake up with a terrible hangover. At one point, we have all put our heads down and repeated the famous words of Robert Murtaugh “I’m too old for this shit.”

Here’s some shit that we think we’re way too old for.

1. Crashing on couches.

2. Staying in hostels.

3. Sticking out a bad book.

4. Friendships you’ve grown out of but keep just because of the history.

5. MySpace: the reboot.

6. The One Direction concert movie (…in public.)

7. Stairs.

8. Eating Taco Bell.

9. Not knowing the correct way to blow dry your hair.

10. Sleeping through the alarm (again).

11. Still having no sense of direction.

12. Lipsmackers bubblegum lip gloss

13. Jamming out to Taylor Swift

14. Still fitting/wearing/owning clothes from high school, and yes… even middle school

15. Being offered the kids menu/ordering from the kids menu

16. Living off of microwavable food

17. Seventeen magazine.

18. The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” happening over 17 years ago.

19. Still seeing your childhood pediatrician, not for your little sibling but for YOU.

20. Still being unable to do your taxes without your father’s help.

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  • 24 and still going strong!
    2. Staying in hostels. (Still too poor for hotels/b&bs but traveling is worth it.
    13. Jamming out to Taylor Swift
    20. Still being unable to do your taxes without your father’s help.

  • I’m not quite sure if I should be concerned or reassured at how many of these points are applicable to my lifestyle!

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