What Is Chemistry?

The other day, my 13 year old sister and her gal pals were questioning me in the he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not department, an area I used to call home. Yet the very first question that was thrown my way left me stuck. It reminded me of when I was 13 and had the same questions. Yet seven years later at 20 years old– I’ve still got nothing. So I must ask:

What is chemistry?

You see, timing is a funny little thing. Right after I was stumped on a subject I assumed I knew like the back of my hand, the next day I bought coffee with an epiphany on the house.

There I was, in my burgundy red corduroy, impatiently waiting for my usual Starbucks to be made. I just wanted to get out of there quickly since I was standing there soaking wet after yet another summer lightning storm.

However when I was ready to head out and run as fast as my thoughts were racing through my head, my burgundy red corduroy was suddenly not the only red I was sporting.

Hiding behind my drenched hair, as I grabbed my coffee, latte boy smiled, and my cheeks suddenly blushed as loud as my outfit.

And instantly he answered for me, “what is chemistry?”

I guess in my case, it takes a full on lightning storm to feel a spark.

It turns out, chemistry is as simple as a periodic table and it just takes the right elements provoke a reaction.

Yet maybe that is still a contradiction as even after experiencing it, there is still no easy definition that I can explain to my sister and her friends. It is just something that strikes at random-  it is simply a chemical reaction that causes us to notice someone; it is both the easiest and yet hardest concept to comprehend. It is whatever element resulted in me geeking out at Starbucks like the nerd girl I am.

Before, my past had left me brewing coffee in the privacy of my own home– a place where I never had to take a chance on meeting someone new. I’d come to hate anything that forced me out of my comfort zone or reminded me of bad past experiences.

But thanks to latte boy smiling at me, I think I will be ordering coffee a lot more often– and I can only hope this article can serve as my tip for the epiphany he served me on the house.

PS- Fun facts about the Author: I think my story only emphasizes my morning motto that, “With coffee, all things are possible.” Also note to self, the weather app? Use it.

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