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As the years have gone by I’ve made a bad choice or two in fashion. Let’s start in the beginning. I was born in the 90s. When the 90s come to mind I think of spandex pants. So many stretchy spandex pants in a variety of horrendous prints. I think in almost every elementary school picture I have I’m wearing a different pair of spandex pants. In middle school, things didn’t get a whole lot better. I had no sense of what to wear, so I learned by observation. Like every other kid during that time I was obsessed with just blending in.

During high school I learned to truly not give a crap. After being bullied for three years I became absolutely uninterested in doing what everybody else was doing. Also during high school I found my love of cardigans. It was a basic piece that you could have different styles and colors of yet they were super comfy. And so began the crafting of my lazy chic fashion. Lazy Chic is about having the basic necessities of a closet that make you look all put together but you’re really just… lazy.

Leggings/Jeggings: When you think lazy you think leggings. The person I know who wears leggings better than anybody is my lovely friend Hope (you can look at her Dress Like Audrey article). But there are right and wrong ways to wear them. With leggings you have to wear something longer than a normal length shirt because they are not pants. My favorites are a high low shirt, a long button down or an oversized sweater, basically what I wore every day in winter. Jeggings are a gift from the heavens in my opinion. I don’t even wear real jeans anymore since I discovered them. The best ones I’ve found are the jeggings from American Eagle.

Tops: I always wear shirts that I don’t have to spend all day fiddling with or fixing all the time. My personal favorite is sleeveless collared shirts. My go to store is Forever 21 and they have tons of shirts like this with a variety of prints and collar shape too. Super basic but versatile and comfortable (and cheap!).

Shoes: I love flats. I’m a student in a city so I don’t want to wear anything really nice when I’m walking to class. So I destroy flats pretty quickly. When I need to get new ones I like to go to Target. Instead of having just black flats, they always have flats in really great colors and they’re usually around twenty dollars. I also really like the new trend of the feminine combat boot. I bought a pair from Forever 21 and they were great for traveling when I went to NYC. And you can wear them with leggings or skinny jeans during the colder months.

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Accessories: This is the part of lazy chic where I really am just lazy. I just forget about it when I’m getting ready in the morning. But when I put some effort into it I like to wear a necklace with a pendant like a bow or something really girly. For earrings I usually just wear pearl studs because they go with just about everything.

Lazy Chic was just my manifestation of not wanting to be a cookie cutter. I didn’t want to be the girl who tried to be like everybody else. So whatever style of clothing you choose, just own it.

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