Aural Fixation: 7/8 (Music You Need To Know)

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Want some new music? You’re in luck—it’s Monday!

This week’s definitely an example of Aural Fixation‘s grab-bag nature, but I’m all about it. Some big names this week—new music from the legendary Cher and a re-recorded(!) Mariah Carey remix—as well as leaked songs and singles from indie darlings like Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey.

I have some other music lists coming before long, so keep an eye out for those, but in the meantime, I hope you’re loving some of what you listen to here!

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Hunter Hunted: “Keep Together”

This song glows; it’s got the stuff feel-good is made of, with a bright, driving guitar part that leads the track’s uplifting arc. Hunter Hunted‘s “Keep Together” is a great addition to the ongoing collection of indie-leaning summery sounds we’ve been throwing your way through Aural Fixation (maybe I’ll do an end-of-summer playlist and compile them all?). Dizzyingly enjoyable, and just as great the fourteenth time as the first.

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Mariah Carey feat. Miguel & Jeezy: “#Beautiful (Remix)”

In an industry of cut-and-paste remixology, Mariah Carey impressively recorded (stunning) all new vocals for the remix of her already-quite-great single “#Beautiful,” which is the first new music from her forthcoming fourteenth (yes) studio album, which she’s revealed will be titled ‘The Art of Letting Go.’ (Could be worse.) Carey’s new cuts are, of course, effortless and thrilling—as new material from icons inexplicably is—and the Jeezy verse fits in snugly, adding a little extra bounce to the record’s breezy charm.

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Lana Del Rey: “TV in Black & White”

It’s no secret we’ve got some big Lana Del Rey fans here at Literally, Darling, so new music from the singer is always exciting. “TV in Black & White” is a leaked song, adding to the dozens of tracks (many of which were written for other artists) that have hit the internet from Del Rey’s back catalog. It carries her distinct cinematic signature, though it’s not quite as tragic as some of her other tracks; it’s actually quite doe-eyed and dreamy, and I’m delighted to add it to my iTunes.

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Ellie Goulding: “Burn”

“Burn” is a re-recording of a demo originally tackled by Leona Lewis, and odd though that may sound, Ellie Goulding‘s version is pretty sensational. Complete with the now-familiar electro-celestial buzzglow of Goulding’s favored production sound and the singer’s quirky, airy vocals, the song has stellar Hot 100 potential, particularly given her favor on radio format.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert: “Same Love”


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Jessie Ware: “Imagine It Was Us”

Jessie Ware is really, really awesome. She’s definitely an artist I recommend highly; her music is really clever, engimatic, and more than anything, just really cool. I first stumbled upon her with the sensational “Wildest Moments” (if you’ve never heard it, listen to it here now—one of my favorite songs of the past few years); since then, her sound’s been given a bit more of an indie-dance twist, but I’m not complaining. “Imagine It Was Us” sounds dark, almost dangerous, but it’s definitely ’90s-dance-craze sexy. Very cool record.

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Cher: “Woman’s World”

So, Cher‘s back. Apropos to this site, “Woman’s World” is a from-the-ashes female empowerment anthem, and it’s discolicious from start to finish. Cher is still every bit as professional and polished as she’s ever been, delivering a song that is (once you navigate through the self-aware super flamboyant panache) actually quite catchy and engaging, and the singer is currently doing televised promotional performances at 67 for her forthcoming album—a woman’s world, indeed.

(Follow her on Twitter. Seriously—do it. One of the better decisions I’ve made.)

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Listen to this week’s playlist on SoundCloud!
(Since “Woman’s World” isn’t available yet via SoundCloud, it’s the only song not yet included.)

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