Why You Should Be a LD Photographer



Literally, Darling wants YOU to be one of our photographers!

You may think we’re just a group of writers. You’d be wrong. A lot of us are budding photographers, from Instagram Heroes to Semi-Pro’s, and we need help!

Do you like the photography you see hosted on LD? Most of it comes from only three photographers and even their vast reserves are running low!

So what does that mean for you? Your photography could be hosted on LD for thousands to see every day! We’re all about promoting talented writers and photographers, so your work will alway be fully sourced, and you will be a member of the LD team, complete with bio on the site!

What we’re looking for:
  • High quality images. We’re not adverse to iPhone pics, but they need to have a strong POV, are well edited, and most importantly, you have the non-IG version! These are ok too!
  • Pics of people! People doing things like eating, having fun, being couples, families, hanging out, people just being people.
    Like writing poems in NOLA
  • Stock imagery: food, things, buildings, make-up, transportation, college, business, tech, the works.
    Photo by Abbie Redmon www.abbieredmon.com (see? fully sourced)

So want to get your photography out there? Want to have a regular photo sourcing of your work? Want to drive more traffic to your portfolio?

Emails us at editors@literallydarling.com with a link to your portfolio and a willingness for us to upload your work onto our shared photo drive.

Start snapping, darlings, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Cover photo by Jano Silva 

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