Aural Fixation: 8/5 (Music You Need To Know)

Believe it or not, Literally, Darling’s getting ready to celebrate its three-month anniversary here on the internet—which means Aural Fixation is, too!

This is something of a personal victory for me, seeing as how I’ve abandoned more than my fair share of attempts at music blogging in the past, but I’m also super grateful that I’ve been able to contribute the column to the site and share great music with all of you.

What I’ve done this week is put together a look back at Aural Fixation since the site started up, which I’m calling ‘Get Fixated.’ I’ve smushed together all* the great sounds from May until now into one giant SoundCloud playlist—60+ tracks and more than four hours of music for you to enjoy.

I had a great time going back through week by week and remembering why I chose each song. A big thanks to Katie and Hope for taking a chance on me, to my boyfriend for having good taste, and of course, to the folks who could be literally anywhere else on the internet but who choose to be on Literally, Darling for making this such a pleasure to put together and write. (And thanks for getting your friends fixated, too.)

Now, let’s jam.

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*A couple songs here and there were leaks or early releases and are no longer available on SoundCloud. I’ve substituted where appropriate, but one or two songs had to be left off.

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