TWENTY-SOMETHING TUESDAY: Twenty Villains of Our Twenties

Who doesn’t love a good, ol’ fashioned villain? We certainly do. Heroes have their time and place, but a mad as a hatter baddie often steals the show and makes everyone else look just a bit dull. Plenty of people have compiled their own lists on the topic, but very few contain many samples from the last ten years. So we decided to compile a list of our twenty (ish) favorite villains from our twenties, proving that classics don’t have dibs on being bad.

SPOILERS: Beware if you haven’t seen these shows/movies, the clips contain key plot moments. 

1.) James Moriarty – Sherlock– played by Andrew Scott

2.) The Joker- The Dark Knight – played by Heath Ledger

3.) Raoul Silva – SKYFALL – played by Javier Bardem

4.) Voldemort- Harry Potter– played by Ralph Fiennes

5). Cersei Lannister- Game of Thrones– played by Lena Headey

6.) President Snow – Hunger Games – played by Donald Sutherland

7.)  Bane – Dark Knight Rises – played by Tom Hardy

8.)  John Harrison – Star Trek Into the Darkness– played by Benedict Cumberbatch

9.)  Loki – Thor & The Avengers – played by Tom Hiddleston

10.) Javert – Les Miserables – played by Russell Crowe

11.) The Master/ Harold Saxon – Doctor Who – played by John Simms

12.) Benjamin Linus – LOST – played by Michael Emerson

13.) Colonel Hans Landa – Inglorious Basterds – played by Christopher Waltz

14.) Crowley – Supernatural – played by Mark Sheppard

15.) Regina George – Mean Girls – played by Rachel McAdams

16.) Russell Edgington – True Blood – played by Denis O’Hare

17.) Tate Langdon  – American Horror Story – played by Evan Peters

18.) Dr. Hannibal Lecter  – Hannibal – Mads Mikkelsen

19.) Walter White  – Breaking Bad –  played by Bryan Cranston

20.) Dexter  Morgan- Dexter –  played by Michael C. Hall

21.) Nik Klaus – The Vampire Diaries – played by  Joseph Morgan

22.) Bellatrix Lestrange – Harry Potter- played by Helena Bonham Carter 

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So who did we miss? Who are your top villains? Tweet us @litdarling

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