Jurassic Park, as told by Tumblr

For the second installment of “As told by Tumblr,” I look to a great piece of my childhood.  If you are a TRUE 90’s kid you know it was an era of damn good films–Home Alone, Aladdin, and Lion King, just to name a few.  The pièce de résistance was Jurassic Park, the film all other films try to be.

So here is the classic tale of boy & girl meet dinosaur and run the other FREAKIN’ way, beautifully told by Tumblr gems.



(Fuck Yeah Jurassic Park: source)          


(Jurassic Park & Recreation: source)


(Hobo Lunch Box: Source)


(Fuck Yeah, Jurassic Park: Source)


(Infinite Boomerang: Source)


(Hobo Lunch Box: Source)


(Where is Patrick Star: Source)


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(Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls: Source)


(Jurassic Park & Recreation: source)


(Fuck Yeah, Jurassic Park: Source)

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What’s YOUR favorite JP moment or 90s movie?  Have suggestions for the NEXT “As told by Tumblr?”

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