Literally Links #6: Our Favorite Corners of the Internet

Happy Sunday, darlings! Now that Webster’s has redefined the word literally, we’re excited to wish you literally the best Sunday ever, from all your friends at Literally, Darling.

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Kate: Slaughterhouse 90210

As the school year looms ahead, I’m putting an end to my Tumblr hiatus and returning to active duty status as the major procrastinator in charge over at my dashboard. As I scrolled through GIFs and pictures of pretty people this week, I was reminded of my all-time favorite Tumblr ever: Slaughterhouse 90210. Combining my two favorite things, television and books, Maris Kreizman stitches together unlikely duos in the form of screencaps and quotations: Breaking Bad meets Jane Austen, Parks and Recreation juxtaposed with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Orange Is the New Black and Margaret Atwood. Somehow, this Tumblr makes me feel just a little bit better about my raging addiction to television.

Eric: “11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures” 

wordsI actually ran across this article a while ago, but I was working on a story and was trying to figure out that word, the one that means “the way light filters through a tree’s leaves.”  It was a word I really, really, really liked and I promised myself that I woudn’t forget.  Then I forgot.  But then fate happened and the article showed up on my newsfeed earlier this week.  As a writer, you realize how few words English actually has for describing certain feelings and even just regular physical descriptions.  In Italian there is a word that specifically means “the mark cold glasses leave on a table.”  And I just think that is amazing.  Enjoy.

Katie: Tucker & Robert’s Performance on So You Think You Can Dance

Despite not being a dancer myself, I have been in love with the art of dance since I can remember, and SYTYCD is my go-to reality performance show. Now for those watching the show, yes I’m a week later, listen I was slow catching up on the DVR- but when I finally saw this piece it just took my breath away. Choreographed by Travis Wall (love him!) it traces the journey of two brothers helping each other through seemingly impossible times. You feel their bond, their love, and the strength of siblings in every turn and written across both their faces. A must see and a beautiful piece.

Haley: Tyler Knott Gregson

tylertumblrI accidentally stumbled upon Tyler’s Tumblr by clicking one of his poems while browsing the “Quotes” section on Pinterest. I fell in love. He’s a poet, photographer, writer, and artist-at-large, and his work is truly remarkable. My favorites are his Typewriter Series: He writes poems on a typewriter on whatever he has at hand. In my browsings (I must’ve looked at 400 of his posts…), I saw he’s used hotel notepads, napkins, receipts, and cardboard. He also writes daily haikus and owns his own photography business, Treehouse Photography. Everything he posts is pretty much perfect.

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Cover photo by Abbie Redmon.

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