Writer of The Month: August

The greatest thing about Literally, Darling is our writers. We started out small, with barely five people, and now we’ve grown more than 30 strong. We have some powerhouse writers on our staff, and we want you to get to know them better. So each month we’re going to be picking a writer of the month: Someone who’s really stood out that month, who’s kicked ass, taken names, and helped make Literally, Darling your go-to website (right? right).

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This month we are highlighting Kirstie for our August writer of the month! Kirstie has been with us for a while, but this month she absolutely shined. Between harassing half of the Ed Sheeran Twitter-sphere, organizing our VMA post, and live-tweeting every second of the show (until she literally was forced to stop by Twitter) Kirstie has not only proved that she is way more social media-savvy than the rest of us, but she’s been a huge asset to our entertainment section! We are also very excited to announce that Kirstie is the newest member of Literally, Darling‘s Editorial Board! WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS!

A Bit About Kirstie…

Favorite LD article to date?

Can I say Twenty-Something Tuesdays as a whole? Feel like it sums up what drew me into wanting to contribute to LD.

Guilty Pleasure?

Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

Current obsession?

Ed Sheeran

Favorite thing about Literally, Darling?

Collaborative articles! I’ve made friends through LD, and I feel like our group articles really show that.


Has “Hopeless Romanticism” Made Women Just Plain Helpless?

Her debut article, Kirstie made a (rather large!) splash at Literally, Darling with her article about hopeless romanticism. Funny, quirky, and true.

5 Reasons You Should Love (And Vote For) Ed Sheeran

Leading up to the VMA’s, Kirstie wrote this beautiful piece encouraging readers to vote for (and love) the most adorable ginger on the planet, the wildly talented Ed Sheeran. Did you know that Ed is really close to his parents? HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? Kirstie outlines a lot more reasons in this article of why he’s just perfect.

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