GIFs That Sum Up Our 20s

There are two universal truths: 1) Your twenties are rough, and 2) GIFs make everything better. So today on Twenty-Something Tuesday we’re combining the best of both worlds and summarizing our life in our twenties through our favorite medium: GIFs.

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When I get book recommendations from older women saying “I think this will really speak to what it’s like to be a young woman:”

When I talk long-term plans with my boyfriend:

When I try to fix things around the house without my Dad’s help:

When I have to wake up for my big person job:

When I get my period:

When I see all of my friends go on glamorous trips across the country and/or world, get married, go to dinner, or do basically anything, ever:


When I am asked, “So what are your long-term plans?”

When I see the little things in life go wrong:

When I have to be at work/school/anywhere and everywhere that isn’t my bed:

When I have 43 unread emails on a Monday morning:


When I walk through my old college campus after graduation:


When I make an appearance at family gatherings:

When I tell my boss my “women troubles” story, and he doesn’t buy it:


When I hear my friend got back with the douche who broke her heart … again:


When I need a solution to all of life’s problems:


When I find a man who can cook:


When I have to listen to my perfect friend complain about her perfect life:

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What are your favorite gifs to sum up your 20s? Tweet us @litdarling!

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