This Week in Awkward: September 20


It’s been a pretty big week at LD—one of our articles was picked up on “The Huffington Post”  and our guest writer’s piece,  “An Intervention For Your 20s” nearly broke our servers, it was so popular. So we’ve been feeling pretty slick this week and a little less like the awkward kids at the table.

Just kidding! We’re still amazed we’re let out in public on our own. Here’s a few stories from the last week with the proof of that.

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Amy: Let’s Talk About Sex, Grandpa

You know when you write an article, and then post it on your Facebook timeline and ask all your friends to read it? You feel the little buzz on your phone, the tell-tale two little chirrups of a Facebook notification. You check it, and you see that your fiance’s conservative, Catholic grandfather has written a short essay commenting on the article in which you curse, openly discuss oral sex, and praise gay marriage. I’m going to try to convince myself this has happened to lots of people, you see. Because if someone could tell me how to claw my way back into Grandpa’s good books, that would be brilliant.

Angela: Boob Gropers of London

I got my boob grabbed during my first trip on the Tube (by an American, of course). This was made slightly more awkward by the fact that I knew the person, but we we had only met 20 minutes prior. She was surprised by how quickly the car had taken off and reached out to stop herself… with my boob. Everyone who saw it had a good laugh, even the Brits, who I am sure hadn’t expected to see so much that early in the morning! I just consider it my thank-you gift to all the lovely Brits who are hosting me in their wonderful country.


Kristin: Desperately Seeking Spinsterhood

My roommate tried to set me up with a guy (because I am a spinster at 20, apparently). We have had minimal interaction, but he really seemed like a nice guy, and I, of course, got my hopes up. While in the newsroom I work in, I overheard my friend interviewing a girl who then referred to the man in question as her boyfriend. My roommate owes me a beer.


Eric:  Virgin Trolling

I got into my first post-adulthood Internet argument. I made the mistake of commenting on a “Huffington Post” article and then another user, CoolStoryBrah, basically accused me of being whiny. Despite my better judgment, I attempted to clarify my thoughts. Needless to say, our “discussion” did not end very amicably, and I may have been trolled, which I should’ve realized sooner.  At any rate, I believe I called him illiterate more than once.

Hope: Heil Editing

I was working on about two hours sleep and was going on my 11th hour in the newsroom, when I finally finished my layout. I had a nice, big picture of a member of my University’s German Club, proudly waving a flag. Just as I was about to hit print, I noticed a tiny caption I hadn’t changed yet. “Try not to insert Hitler joke here,” it read. Good catch Hope, good catch.


Katie: Sour Lemons

I’m the editor-in-chief and founder of a website for millennials and I didn’t know who Liz Lemon is until this week.

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How awkward was your week? Tweet us @litdarling and tell us all about it. We’ll bring the popcorn.

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