Aural Fixation 9/30: Our Ultimate Autumn Playlist

fall playlist

Y’all. Fall is coming. FALL IS COMING. For a very special edition of this week’s Aural Fixation, we’ve hijacked it away from the wonderful Austin to bring you a snippet of our favorite fall playlists. A little old, a little new, each song is perfect for those crisp mornings where you nurse a tea (or coffee) and think longingly of your blankets. These songs say “sweaters!” and will keep you company on the rainy days.


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Lorde: “The Love Club”


Everytime I hear a new Lorde song I am just wowed over again. “The Love Club” takes listeners through the story of high school politics- you’ve made it to the top, and now you just hate everyone and want to be alone. Don’t let the message of the song put you off – this is no catchy teen pop romp. “Your clothes are soaked and you don’t know where to go/ so lift your chin up and get yourself back home,” she sings. And I want to go. I’m pretty sure if Lorde told me to jump off a cliff, I’d do it.

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Bon Iver: “Towers”


Not a new song, but God is it good. Everytime I hear Bon Iver I want to dive for my blanket, grab my sweater, and make some tea. You can feel autumn descending upon you as Justin sings, and this song is perfect for that early morning walk to class or your car, to help you collect your thoughts for the day.

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Vampire Weekend: “Step”


Does anyone else just automatically associate Vampire Weekend with “back to school?” “Step” brings back that classic Vampire Weekend harpischord, and is a personal favorite on my fall playlist. Heads up though- don’t listen to it while walking, because you will find yourself doing a strange little dance without realizing it.

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Blitzen Trapper: “Furr”


Blitzen Trapper should be on everyone’s playlist for anything in general, in my opinion. Furr is one of my favorites, beautifully Simon & Garfunkle reminiscent. Put this song on when driving alone down a rural highway. See the leaves falling off the trees, peer through the fog, and enjoy.

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The Black Keys: “All You Ever Wanted”


Remember when the original “Twilight” playlist came out and it was SO GOOD? Filled with bassy songs that conveyed cold weather, rainy days, and something a little bit darker. That’s what this song makes me think of. And I never thought I would compare something to “Twilight” in a favorable way.

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Sara Blasko: “Don’t Dream It’s Over”


Sarah Blasko does this beautiful cover of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream it’s Over” and turned it into a song I actually love. Something about her voice just makes it perfect, bluesy and ideal for a fall night.

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Bryan John Appleby: “Cliffs Along The Sea”


If you need convincing of how fall-y this is, just watch the music video. This song is so good that sometimes I actually can’t.

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Tallest Man On Earth: “The Wild Hunt”


Sometimes as I make the drive back to school on a cold fall morning, I think to myself “I could turn left here and just take off, and never been seen again.” Something about fall brings out that yearning for travel and new places in me. And this song perfectly encapsulates that. “And I plan to be forgotten when I’m gone/ yes I’ll be leaving in the fall.”

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Ed Sheeran: “Autumn Leaves”


You cannot have an autumn playlist without adding Ed. He loves autumn just as much as I do, which clearly points to the fact that we’re soul mates.

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Be sure to check back for our “Favorite things about Fall that AREN’T the Pumpkin Spice Latte” tomorrow on Twenty-Something Tuesday! And tell us your favorite fall tunes in the comment section or by tweeting us @litdarling!

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