Things We Love About Fall (That Aren’t Starbucks Pumpkin-Flavored)

It’s that time of year! Autumn is officially here, and while Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is good (okay, great) there are many more things to enjoy about fall than just that. Cooler temps bring the LD staff joy in many ways, but here are our favorites.

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  1. Wearing sweats everywhere is acceptable.

  2. People are nicer with the holidays approaching.

  3. If you decide to spend a night (read: weekend) at home alone on the couch watching Netflix, it’s now considered “cozy” instead of “lame.”

  4. Let’s face it, we all look WAY better in sweaters and jeans than we do in shorts and tank tops.

  5. Stew. Soup. Homemade bread. Roast. Cider. Fudge. Fall food is better.

  6. Fall TV. I finally get to cuddle on the couch and be entertained by Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling again.

  7. The temperature of your hot tea is no longer the same temperature as it is outside.

  8. Is there anything better than snuggling under the cozy blankets in a slightly crisp room with soft grey light filtering in?

  9. UGGS. (Boots in general)

  10. Leaves changing make the earth look like it’s on fire.

  11. Actually enjoying nature (hiking, being outside for more than 5 minutes, etc.) because you’re not melting into a pile of your own sweat.

  12. College football. NFL. Football in general.

  13. Thanksgiving, i.e. lots of food and crazy family members you can only stand to see once a year.

  14. JACKETS on jackets on jackets and SCARVES!

  15. No more humidity—aka, my hair no longer belongs in the 70s

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  16. Fall means No-Shave November is on it’s way (for men AND women).

  17. Crunching those giant dead leaves on the sidewalk. Is there anything more satisfying?

  18. Fires in the fireplace.

  19. Halloween! The holiday where you can be whoever or whatever you want and it always comes with candy.

  20. Caramel candy apples!

  21. A legitimate excuse to go shopping for new clothes. Either you need to spruce up your fall wardrobe, or summer clothes are now on sale. Both excuses work.

  22. Speaking of legitimate excuses: drinking to keep warm! It’s not only fun, it’s functional.

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