Annoying Things That Grown-Ups Do

After you move out and become an “adult,” you quickly realize you’re still not yet a “grown-up.” From bosses to grandparents to dear old Mom and Dad, the grown-ups of our lives (with far more experience than us) can be a little annoying at times. Gotta love ’em, but we’ve got a few things we wish they wouldn’t do.

  1. Send you thesis-length texts when they know you’re driving
  2. Still lump you in the “kid’s table” at Christmas/Thanksgiving… even though you turned 20 several years ago.
  3. Text with the keyboard sound on (click click click click).
  4. Call you for every single tech-related matter. Cell phone or computer problems? You’re suddenly their personal tech support.
  5. Constantly oscillate between concern that you’re eating too little or too much.
  6. Constantly oscillate between concern that you’re too thin or the old “Oh, you’ve put on a few pounds, haven’t you?”
  7. Try to sell/donate/throw out anything you’ve left at their house for an extended period of time.
  8. Get concerned that you don’t take a taxi when going home after 9 p.m. and then act surprised when your response for why you’re walking instead of taking a taxi is “I can’t afford it.”
  9. Ask what GIFs are and how’re they’re made (on second thought, this is adorable and not annoying).
  10. Call you and if you don’t pick up, leave a voicemail, then send you a text, and then email you to let you know to call them back. “Did you get my text?”
  11. Send you those ridiculously annoying request for Facebook Games.
  12. Want you to tell them about your problems and then judge you for your problems.
  13. Feel the compulsive need to act/feel guilty for any issues or struggles in your life because they feel like they’re “bad parents” or “bad role models” when in reality the problems don’t concern them much.
  14. Fail to understand the proper time and place to use exclamation marks when texting, or that you don’t need to sign your texts.
  15. “You’ve only been alive through three presidents? Oh sweetie, you can’t possibly understand politics.”
  16. Provide a laundry list of examples as to why that in-person interaction with bank tellers is a million times better than using an ATM. Dare I even tell them about mobile banking?!
  17. Watch The Weather Channel (there’s an app for that). (OK some of us are guilty of this too.)
  18. “In my day, if you wanted a job, you had a job. Clearly you just don’t want it enough.”
  19. “How much are you getting paid?” and/or “How much will that cost you?” (In reference to everything. Literally.)
  20. Using “the” in front of any piece of technology: i.e. The Google, The Facebook, The Twitter, or an amalgamation of them both: “The Space Book”  or  “The MyFace” (Facebook + Myspace). 
  21. Complain about the iOS7 update simply for the fact that it’s changed from what they’re used to.
  22. Treat you like you’re a child despite the fact you’re the same age now as they were when they had you.
  23. Only getting in touch when they know you’re at work.
  24. Constantly referring to how your clothes are throwbacks to what was in fashion in “the good old days”… without having had the foresight to keep their old clothes for you (How dare they?!).
  25. End up being right an alarming amount of the time.
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