Literally, The Best Of The Internet 10/13

Happy Sunday, darlings, and welcome to another installment of your very favorite roundup of all the neat things your favorite Literally, Darling writers found on the World Wide Web this week.

Courtney: Bug Martini

Hands down my favorite comic on the Internet. “Bug Martini” is the adventures of a cockroach named Bug and his other friends including Lady Bug, Glasses Bug, etc. This comic is a great satire on life and covers a wide range of topics, everything from children running away to the circus, to coworkers hazing you for initiation to “What if Hitler and the Fonz signature looks were switched?”

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Haley: Lake turns animals into “statues”

Nick Brandt
Nick Brandt

Y’all, it turns out this lake in Tanzania (Lake Natron) has such a high salt and soda content that anything that falls into it gets calcified and turned to stone-like statues. Apparently the reflective nature of the lake’s surface confuses animals. Did I mention the lake is blood-red and steaming-hot from the bacteria that live in it? This is Lovecraft-esque stuff. Photographer Nick Brandt decided to pick up some of the animal “statues” and place them in their natural positions, just like if they were alive. The photos turned out hauntingly beautiful and are really wonderfully morbid.

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Lydia: Miley Cyrus and Mumford & Sons Mashup: Little Wrecking Ball

If “Wrecking Ball” wasn’t catchy enough, the Miley/Mumford & Sons “Little Wrecking Ball” will have you belting out the powerful lyrics in no time. Just listen. You’ll be amazed at how well the two popular songs work together. Mumford and Miley tour 2015?

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Melissa: “Pics or it Didn’t Happen”: Getting paid to Instagram

May sound absurd to many, but this twenty-something gets to travel the world documenting experiences on some big-name-brands’ dime. A real life fairy tale, right? Maybe you’re already following Liz Eswein’s @NewYorkCity Instagram; if not, you should definitely check out her beautiful photos.

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Kate: “Everyone Needs To Calm The Fuck Down About Pumpkin Spice” by Madeleine Davies for Jezebel

You know, I enjoy a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte as much as the next person, and I’ve been known to devour a pumpkin pie (or two) when the moment was right. But I think we can all agree that things have gotten pretty weird on the whole Pumpkin Spice flavor front this fall. Madeleine Davies delivers a pitch-perfect send-up of the all-consuming cult of the pumpkin spice: “In the future, I predict that people will talk about 2013 the same way people in the 1400s talked about the Black Death—only it won’t be the plague that half of us died from. Instead we’ll all be killed by Pumpkin Spice Fatigue (PSF).” If you’re coming down with a classic case of PSF, don’t forget about all the things we love about fall that aren’t pumpkin spice flavored.

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What caught your eye (or ear!) on the internet this week? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter at @LitDarling!

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