10 Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is just days away, but never fear, we’ve scoured Pinterest for the best pumpkin carving tips and tricks so you don’t have to! Those stupid plastic knives they give you when you buy a carving set never work, and how often have you accidentally cut off the teeth while trying to carve the perfect classic pumpkin smile? We’re here for you. These pumpkins are so easy even I could do them, so happy decorating, darlings!



1.Drilled Pumpkin

Use a drill and varying drill bits to create elaborate patterns in just a half-hour.

drilled pumpkin

2. Push Pin Pumpkin
Create this push pin pumpkin with supplies you’ve got laying around your office or craft space.

push pin pumpkin

3. Fanged Pumpkin

We never liked you anyway, Edward Cullen.

fanged pumpkin

4. Undead Pumpkin

I think I’d have less nightmares about The Walking Dead if all zombies looked like these guys.

undead pumpkin

5. Cookie Cutter Pumpkin

Elaborate shapes and letters made easy!

cookie cutter pumpkin

6. Polka Dot Pumpkin

Use a circle punch and scrapbook paper to create this glam, low effort design.

polka dot pumpkin

7. Glitter Pumpkin

The more glitter, the better.


8. Chalkboard Pumpkin

No carve typography pumpkins.

chalkboard pumpkin

9. Harry Potter Pumpkin

We’re a little bit in love with the boy who lived over here at Literally, Darling.

harry potter

10. Classic Stencils

Keep it classic with these easy to use stencils.

classic stencils

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We’d love to see what you come up with! Tweet us your pumpkin creations @litdarling.



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