Aural Fixation: 11/4 (Music You Need To Know)

November, already?

Well, fall’s in full swing for us now, Darlings, and it’s getting colder. Luckily, winter means a rush of holiday releases across the entire musical spectrum; it’s the ideal time for artists and labels to hustle those Q4 figures and push purchases, which means new singles, videos, albums, and, of course, tons of new music.

We have a ton of album reviews coming your way covering some of the most anticipated major albums of this fall/winter season, and of course, Aural Fixation here to keep a finger to the pulse each and every #MusicMonday.

And hey, don’t hesitate to let us know (@LitDarling) what you’re listening to—it could end up here with a shoutout to your Twitter.

Here’s a little pick-me-up to start your week—what do you think of these new releases?

— @Litzwich

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Sky Ferreira: “24 Hours”

I’ve been a big fan of Sky Ferreira for years now (the stuff she liked recording and, er, well… the rest of it, too), so I can’t help but stick around for her just-released trip to the dark(er) side, ‘Night Time, My Time.’ Fresh off the record is “24 Hours,” and I can dig it. (If you like what you hear, “24 Hours” is the iTunes Single of the Week, which mean’s it’s free—so be sure to grab a copy! Just click the linked single title above.)

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CocoRosie: “Lemonade”

This week’s curve ball, CocoRosie’s “Lemonade” is something I picked up on from a friend at work. It’s quirky enough to make your head tilt (particularly the bemusing Goulding-Newsom hybrid vocal), but there’s also something delightfully fresh and engaging in the production and the variation in vocal prodction. “Lemonade” won’t be for everybody, but I don’t mind the different flavor.

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Eminem feat. Rihanna: “The Monster”

Colliding again in catastrophic perfection, the tornado-meets-a-volcano combo of Rih and Em is another success on “The Monster,” which feels much like a more buoyant cousin to prior megahit “Love The Way You Lie.” No one nails a featured hook quite like Rihanna, and this hook’s a monster, indeed.

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Justin Bieber: “Bad Day”

It’s actually quite good, thank you very much.

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Britney Spears: “Perfume”

{Click the “Perfume” single cover below to listen!}


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