Celebrating Six Months Of Literally Darling Photography


Every day you check-in on Literally, Darling, the first thing you see are our photos. Before you even read the headlines, the vibrant and often avant-garde pictures we attach to our articles draw you in. While we’re a site predominantly focused on our writers, on our six-month anniversary, we have to take a moment to recognize the talent and scope of our in-house photographers, too.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite photos from our photogs. Some you might recognize, while others may be new, but they show the breadth and scope of our photographers and tell a story all on their own. So sit back and click through the photos brought to you by Nico Nordstorm, Jano Silva, Abbie Redmon, Kaitlin Racine, Melissa Cox, and Hope Racine. If you want to see more of our great photography, check us out on Flickr.

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