Best In Entertainment: 11/10–11/16

Get ready: Every Sunday, Literally, Darling will be bringing you “Best In Entertainment,” where you’ll find links to interesting articles, funny Websites and the occasional subreddit. We’ll bring you the music we’ve been turning up too loud in our headphones that week; reviews for movies, books, TV shows, and games, both classics and new releases; and the best apps we’ve tried out in the past few days. Tired of being bored online? Have no fear—LD’s “Best In Entertainment” is here.

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Best of the Internet

Abraham Lincoln-inspired hockey jersey: A hockey team designed an Abraham Lincoln-inspired jersey in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. And it’s awesome. They even put a stovepipe hat on their little mascot animal. Also pictured: a Bud Light logo. ‘Merica.


Famous historical photos get colorized: This subreddit is dedicated entirely to colorizing historical pictures. Anywhere from Charlie Chaplin to Abraham Lincoln (we like good ol’ 16 here at LD), there are some shockingly high-resolution pictures on here, and history geeks shall do what they do best: Geek.

Pleated Jeans: This is one of the funniest sites on the Internet, with both original comics and reposts of insane screenshots and other random funnies from around the World Wide Web.

Pre-school tap dancer goes rogue: This little girl in a tap-dancing concert video is out to remind the world that it’s OK to get a little weird sometimes. We think she’s Literally, Darling’s spirit animal.

Bill Nye on the birthday paradox: Bill Nye the Science Guy explains why it only takes a group of 20–30 people to find someone with your birthday. (Also, if you’re a teacher, there’s lots of fun resources here.)

img_5607_edit Surprise homecoming videos, in belated celebration of Veterans Day. (If you can watch this one at 2:43 and not cry, we don’t think you’re human.)

Tracy Hines as the Little Mermaid: Tracy Hines made a Little Mermaid music video with the most iconic scenes from the movie. Her video is complete with a mermaid tail, incredible makeup and amazing costumes that look like they came right out the film. (And Prince Eric looks hot.)

Judge Andrew Napolitano asks some hard questions: Napolitano decided to speak (in 2012, before the presidential election) on his moderate political thought on his show “Freedom Watch,” hosted on Fox News Business. Well, after saying some interesting things like “What if there was no Reagan Revolution at all” and “What if we need someone like Ron Paul,” Fox News cancelled the show. It was good while it lasted, Napolitano.

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Best in Movies


Moby Dick (1956), starring Gregory Peck: This movie gets better every time you watch it. Peck plays Capt. Ahab, the main man of the Pequod who’s obsessed with hunting down Moby Dick, the great white whale. Favorite quotes: “I’d strike the sun if it insulted me” and “There is one God that is Lord over the Earth, and one captain that is lord of the Pequod.”

Ender’s Game (2013), starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield: “Ender’s Game” is one of founder/editor-in-chief Katie’s all-time favorite books and is largely responsible for shaping her major in college, so she was skeptical of how they would convert the book to screen. However, the movie was one of the truest interpretations she’s seen. Only complaints: It didn’t include Peter and Valentine becoming web demagogues, Bean wasn’t allowed to develop his brilliance, and some of the spot-on kid jargon was lost. But overall, they stayed true to not only the heart but backbone of the novel.

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Best in Books

To The Lighthouse—Virginia Woolf: Shouldn’t every empowered female read Woolf? E.M. Forster said once that Woolf “pushed the light of the English language a little further against darkness,” and he was right. Her descriptions are breathtaking and her style is unique. She has a knack for emphasis repetition. Read it in PDF form here, and check out editor Haley’s favorite few paragraphs so far: the last three at the end of Chapter 1.9780385535328_custom-440681877ec68b60f2d6e695f49575586e37fc35-s6-c30

The Ministry of Guidance Invites You Not to Stay—Hooman Majd: As an Iranian-American journalist who travels frequently between the two countries, Majd is uniquely qualified to bridge the two cultures. In his latest book, Majd shares the experience of moving to Tehran for a year with his American wife and young son. While illuminating day-to-day life in the Iranian capital, Majd explores the political culture and history of his home country in a way that brings the little understood country to life for Western readers. His other books, “The Ayatollah Begs to Differ” and “The Ayatollah’s Democracy,” are also well worth reading for those interested in learning more about Iran.

The Birth of Britain—Winston Churchill: The first in Churchill’s series “The History of the English Speaking Peoples,” “The Birth of Britain” covers from the time of the Romans on the island all the way up to Richard III. It’s quite a lot of time to cover in 500 pages, but Churchill’s combination of cheeky wit and ability to be both comprehensive and still only give you the pertinent data, makes the pages fly by. Even if you’re an English history buff, there are so many moments of history that you think you know, only to realize you’ve only heard the Cliff’s Notes version.

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Best in Music

“Timber”—Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

Bach’s “Aria” (the Goldberg Variation)—performed by Glenn Gould

“Either Way”—Beta Radio

“I See Fire”—Ed Sheeran
(Written and recorded in one day following his viewing of
“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” for Peter Jackson)

“Angel With a Shotgun”—The Cab


“Tightrope”—Walk the Moon

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Best in TV

Haven (2010–, Syfy): “Haven” is (loosely) based off of a story by Stephen King called “The Colorado Kid.” So naturally it is set in Maine and there’s a supernatural element to the show, and it’s so addicting. Imagine a more captivating “Grimm” with an adorable and sassy blonde girl as the lead and two incredibly attractive rugged Maine men as the co-leads. Seasons 1–3 are currently on Netflix while Season 4 is being aired. Trust: You will love it.

Band of Brothers-movie-poster-1020486406

Band of Brothers (2001, HBO): You’ll find something new in it with every watching. It follows Easy Company from their doomed landing at Normandy through the VE (Victory Europe) day, and through every step along the way. You get a close-up view of World War II, and since its based on the non-fiction Stephen Ambrose novel, it doesn’t hide the atrocities the men saw. It can be a go-to Christmas present-wrapping saga, or tune in this year to celebrate a belated Veterans Day. Nothing makes you more thankful than seeing how the Allies preserved freedom for all of us in WWII.

Spaced (1999–2001)

: If you’re a huge fan of Simon Pegg, who co-wrote the series with his co-star Jessica Hynes (Stevenson), “Spaced” is for you. It’s an absolutely brilliant story of two English twenty-somethings, Daisy and Tim, who pretend to be a couple together in order to rent a flat (For “professional couples only”). However, they’re actually more like artistic layabouts and have only known each other a week before deciding to cohabitate after Daisy leaves her horrendous flatmates and Tim gets dumped and booted by his girlfriend. With a supporting cast including Nick Frost and Katy Carmichael, it’s well worth a watch. A little disappointing in that it’s only two seasons, though.

The Mindy Project (2012–, FOX) “You’ve Got Sext,” Season 2 Episode 8: Back for its second season, “Mindy” is better than ever. The series’ most recent episode was an homage to Mindy’s obsession with rom-coms. A play on “You’ve Got Mail,” Mindy’s “You’ve Got Sext” was perhaps the best episode to date. Mindy leaves her purse behind at the hospital and it’s conveniently found by her two male coworkers. When they start snooping and see she has a text from her current crush, they decide to respond. Next thing you know, they’re sending/receiving emoji p*rn (WINKY FACE). When asked by her crush, “What are you wearing?” Mindy’s coworkers respond, “A tasteful cardigan, corduroy slacks, and a breast-cancer-awareness pin. And no panties.” Sexy, right?

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Best in Games

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Admittedly, it’s not the newest game, but running around as a little Johnny Depp Lego person that still swaggers and can sword fight AND use a pistol is not to be overrated.

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Best in Apps

Timehop: This app shows you photos and updates from social media from exactly a year ago. Want to see just how much your life as changed (and also how maybe posting everything on Twitter may not be such a good idea), give Timehop a go.

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