Being An Out-Of-Town Sports Fan

Being raised in Pittsburgh, I have been surrounded by black and gold my entire life. We bleed the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins here, and if you don’t like it, that’s just too damn bad. But, I do have just one dirty little secret. I love the Giants… and the Yankees… and the Mets. OK, I was raised by two parents who love their New Jersey roots and the sports teams that reside there. So, I know the struggle that is being an out of town sports fan. I’ve compiled this list of the worst things about being an out of town sports fan. Enjoy and go Giants!

  1. Watching the game is the biggest struggle of life. HOW HARD IS IT TO SEE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T A STEELERS GAME?
  2. Getting merchandise means scooping up as much as you can whenever you’re in that team’s town… if you ever are. That means my Giants PJ pants were the result of some adventures.
  3. The Facebook posts on game day. Yes, I know that Big Ben is doing terribly. Do I care? No.
  4. When your team is doing badly, every person who likes your town’s team mocks you. This season has been particularly rough for me.
  5. When your team is doing well, you get ALL the rage from people.
  6. Finding a sports bar full of fellow fans is like some majestic dream. And every person there is your new bestie.
  7. Having no one to high-five on game day. My cat has gotten very good at cheering on the Mets.
  8. Having to explain why in the world you like the team you do. I just do, OK?

But, all of it’s worth it when your team has a good season and you get to rub in all of the faces.

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