Review: “Supernatural” Midseason Finale

Contains spoilers.

I am an ardent fan of “Supernatural”—as in I have all previous eight seasons on DVD sitting on my bookshelf. As with all the previous seasons, this one is just as riveting. Although, I greatly miss Bobby Singer (idget), Garth, and Meg…

Season nine of “Supernatural” has consisted primarily of the consequences wreaked on the planet since the angels fell from heaven. Castiel was human (and supposed to “get his sexy on”), Sam is recovering from season eight’s trials by being the unknowing host for an angel, supposedly Ezekiel, and Dean is frantically trying to keep everything from falling to pieces. As a long-time fan this episode took some delightful twists and turns that I greatly enjoyed.

“Supernatural:” Holy Terror. Ep.910

This episode kicks off with a massive angel slaughter that Dean and Sam arrive to investigate as pseudo-FBI agents, and discover that Castiel is also investigating as a pseudo-agent—”Cas is back in town!” The angel inhabiting Sam’s body is very displeased that Castiel is in the area, since Castiel’s presence tends to be a beacon that draws unwanted fallen angel’s attention. Furthermore, later in the episode we find out that Ezekiel died some time back, and it is actually the angel, Gadreel, that is inhabiting Sam. Metatron confirms that there are no angels in heaven, and that he wants to rebuild heaven with a trusted few—”No more stupid angels! Maybe some funny ones…” In the meantime, the angel factions continue to battle, and Gadreel is charged with proving his allegiance to Metatron.

In addition, Castiel’s (Misha Collins—any “mishamigos” out there?) presence in an episode always brings some lovely comic relief to the table. I found the most exciting part of this episode to be when Castiel steals another angel’s grace, because now he can take on the world again with Sam and Dean as a the class-act angel that he is! Whoop whoop! Sam and Dean’s tumultuous brotherly relationship takes a turn for the worst when Sam finds out he’s been a vessel for an angel, thanks to Dean. I, for one, would be thrilled if Sam and Dean could mostly get along for one season, but apparently that’s not in the script for this season. Gadreel, inside Sam, kills Kevin to demonstrate his allegiance to Metatron, and then takes off with Sam’s meatsuit. I’m going to miss Kevin, as he always brought a different perspective to the show and didn’t take any of Sam and Dean’s shit.

Furthermore, where is Crowley? I miss him. We haven’t seen him in three or so episodes. King of hell—get on back in here!

This entire episode was chaotic, in a good way, and seemed to be setting the stage for a battle-filled next half of the season. Looking forward to the next episode on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, at 9 p.m. eastern/8 p.m. central.

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  • I seem to be the only one who’s not upset over Kevin! He was a great character in earlier seasons, but this season he’s been in the background and barely mentioned. They brought him back just to kill him, it seemed.
    I’m also stoked that Cas got his grace back, but that means he’ll be back to being all serious now–best Cas scene this season has got to be how excited he was at the beginning of this episode to be back with the gang and hunting. He’s so adorable. I’m pleasantly surprised with this season–it’s holding my interest way more than I thought it would.

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