Review: “Reign” Midseason Finale

Includes spoilers.

Every year when it comes time for all the new shows, I eagerly wait to see which shows will stay with me and which I’ll delete from the DVR. This year I was excited for a lot of shows, one of which was The CW’s “Reign.” Episode after episode I was enchanted by the story of Mary, Queen of Scots. I will say that “Reign” is not entirely historically accurate, but that is a discussion for another article.

Throughout the season we have seen Mary move to the French court and await the time when the King of France decides it is time for her to marry his son. “Reign” starts with many death threats and a Prince that is unwilling to be married. Mary’s first week at French court is filled with death threats arranged by the French Queen. Prophecies foretold by Nostradamus have caused her to believe that Mary will be the death of her son. Many watchers have talked about the love triangle between the Prince his bastard brother, Sebastian (a.k.a., “Bash”), and Mary. Although Sebastian is beloved by his father, I can’t see anyway that he would sacrifice an alliance with Scotland, or Scotland deciding to give up any other “advancing” marriages to let their queen marry a bastard. Through there has been one encounter with Mary and Sebastian, most of the season has been a back and forth between Mary and Francis. Declaring their love and taking it back and then finally decide they love each other.

“Reign:” Fated, Season 1, Episode 8

In this week’s midseason finale, Mary and Francis cross that threshold (swoon) and wake up together at the start of the episode. In this episode it is determined that they are to be wed. England’s Queen is dying and the French King wants to use Mary to secure England for himself. Then of course problems immediately follow this happy announcement. King Henry has many mistresses and it’s finally becoming a problem. Bash’s mother, Diane (and the king’s mistress), has a plan to legitimize her son. Her plot is discovered by Kenna, one of Mary’s ladies and the King’s other mistress, and she takes it to the French Queen, Catherine. (I could forgive the King being a player if he was more attractive, but that’s just me being shallow.)

Catherine believes that Mary marrying Francis will lead to his death, and with the news of her wedding, she takes on a plot to kill Mary or ruin the wedding. Nostradamus tells her to explain her fears to Mary, hoping that her love for Francis will force her to call off the wedding. Mary, susceptible as she is, decides to talk to the prophet herself. He tells her that her marriage will cause Francis’ death eventually and that one of her ladies will die before the next frost.

One of the ladies is poisoned and Nostradamus’ prophecies are believed as accurate. After the death of her lady Mary believes she must leave France. So she calls off her marriage to Francis and rides off into the sunset with Bash with a broken-hearted Francis calling after her.

The whole season and episode has led to whether Mary and Francis would wed, and the last five minutes made the whole wait worthwhile. I still don’t believe that Mary and Bash will be together, but I can’t wait until January to find out where her and Bash run to and whether Francis will forgive her.

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