The Video Gamer’s Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your favorite game lover for Christmas? Got some ideas but want to make sure to fit their gaming style? Here’s a roundup of the top titles of 2013 that won’t disappoint!


For the Comic-Loving Gamer

DC Comics’ “Injustice: Gods Among Us” was released this fall following Marvel’s “Deadpool” game this August. “Injustice” received rave reviews as a solid action/fighting game sure to please fans. While critics were less enthusiastic about “Deadpool,” given that it stars one of Marvel’s most popular figures, it was a surefire hit among fans. Both games were highly commercially successful upon their releases and were praised by both video game and comic fans alike.

For the Casual Gamer

Not into high stakes, action-packed, nerve-wracking button mashers? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! LEGO video games’ newest addition to their collection “Marvel Super Heroes” was released in October, and like all the previous LEGO installments, offers a fun, LEGO spin on pop culture. With unlimited do-overs and plenty of side quests and collectibles, this offers hours of relaxing entertainment with no pressure.

Alternatively, if you like a good mystery, HER Interactive released two new Nancy Drew games this year. While “The Silent Spy” polarized fans with its take on Nancy’s back story, “The Ghost of Thornton Hall” was a creepy crowd-pleaser with ghosts, spectres and enough spooky turns around a cemetery to pack into a mausoleum.

For the Retro Gamer

90s gamers were in seventh heaven this year with two remakes of hugely popular games from Disney: “Ducktales: Remastered” and “Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.” Both games essentially follow the same stories as their 90s counterparts with updated gameplay, graphics and achievements, a.k.a, just enough tweaking to warrant a remake and yet not enough to anger fans. Perfect combination!

For the Strange and Nonsensical Gamer

Two mega-hit franchises released new games this year, “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Saints Row IV.” Both series are known for their, shall we say, unorthodox storytelling and the ridiculous antics of their plots and characters (beating hookers with baseball bats is only the tip of the iceberg). Both are solid shooter games with good reviews and crazy stories, and GTA V also holds the record as the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

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For the Action Gamer

“Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” and “BioShock Infinite” were released this year, expanding the worlds of two highly successful franchises. ACIV is the first game in the series to not have Desmond Miles as a protagonist and is somewhat an experiment in branching out the franchise, which was well received by critics and fans alike. “Infinite” is the third major installment in the “BioShock” franchise and an offshoot from the linked plots of the first two games continues many of the major themes and gameplay that was previously introduced.

For Anyone

“Pokemon X and Y” were, to no one’s surprise, two huge hits of 2013. They appeal to a very wide audience—designed for kids and playable by anyone from age 5 and up—and the games offer you the freedom to play them however you want. Don’t want to battle your Pokemon? No sweat, go learn some skating moves and spend your time doing that. Feel like collecting Pokemon? Also totally doable. Want to just run around after shinies? A-OK by the game. While there is a set story and plot, the freedom to move around however and whenever you wish puts the control almost solely in the player’s hands, and with so many options for what you can do with your Pokemon there’s a way to play that’s sure to appeal to everyone.

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