The Literally, Darling Holiday Giveaway

The Editorial Board at Literally, Darling has put together our very first giveaway in the spirit of Christmas. We’ve been feeling a bit generous (’tis the season, after all) and thought we’d showcase some of our favorite products we’ve been obsessing over throughout 2013.

The giveaway will consist of 15 different items (all hand-selected by our editorial board), but much of what’s in the box will remain a surprise. Have you been wanting one of our custom LD tote bags or mugs? Well, don’t worry, darling; those two items are in your soon-to-win box of goods.


1.  Follow us on Instagram: @literallydarling, and follow us on Twitter: @litdarling


2.  We’ll post a new “GIVEAWAY” photo each day until December 22nd. You are entered into the contest each time you re-post the photo, but you are limited to one entry per day via each social media platform (one for Instagram, and one for Twitter).


2.  Use the hashtag #LDXmasGiveaway (and tag us in your post!)


4.  We’ll announce the winner on December 23rd!


Want a look inside the giveaway? “These are a few of [our editors’] favorite things.”

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Haley’s Pick: ELF Mineral-Infused Face Primer


photo (14)

“The ELF Mineral-Infused Face Primer is maybe the biggest staple in my getting-ready routine. Not only does it make my foundation and other face make-up go on incredibly easily and smoothly, but it also controls shine and evens out tone on the days I want to go without make-up. It’s perfect for helping hold on your make-up on hot summer days, and it keeps your face moisturized during cold winter nights. I never leave the house without it on and recommend it to anyone and everyone who asks.”

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Katie’s Pick: Twinings Earl Grey Tea


“In the dark days of winter the one thing a girl can always count on are the classics—and nothing does it better than the original Twinings Earl Grey. With a touch of posh and dash of warmth, curl up with your cuppa and make the short days brighter.”

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Melissa’s Pick: Revlon Parfumerie, Lime Basil (Nail Polish)



“I was pretty into nail art this past year. I probably spent nearly a decade with bare nails, and then suddenly, I found myself buying various shades of mostly mints, greens, and teals (my nail polish collection exceeds 35 bottles). This polish is pretty great for an easy-to-find drugstore brand…and in case you didn’t catch it, after the polish dries, your fingers give off an actual perfume scent. The Lime Basil polish doesn’t quite smell like how it sounds it would, but it does smell nice and it only takes 1-2 coats max. Bonus: The spearmint color almost matches the Literally, Darling logo perfectly. Super Bonus: Add glitter on top for an instant festive look.”

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Kirstie’s Pick: ChapStick Hydration Lock

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.16.46 PM

photo (17)

“ChapStick Hydration Lock is the lip moisturizer I’ve been waiting for. With 8 hours of healing antioxidants and Vitamin E, it serves as a perfect go-to lip balm for chapped lip darlings like myself. Recently featured by Birchbox, Hydration Lock can also be used as a moisturizing lip primer under our favorite shades of lipstick.”

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Hope’s Pick: Conair Bun Maker



“Sock buns are not just a fashion necessity, they are a way of life. Whether going out for the night or waking up late for class or work, the sock bun is a girl’s best friend—guaranteed to make you look put together no matter what.”

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