57 Charities For A Meaningful Last-Minute Christmas

You have two days left until Christmas, you have no hope of getting anything shipped in time and the thought of facing the mall fills you with more dread than Satan visiting you in the night. You’ve exhausted all possible ideas for your remaining friends and family and everything you’ve thought of just seems like meaningless space-wasters that in the grand scheme of not just their life but this Christmas, will be infinitely forgettable.

What can you do? How about instead of just giving, you give back. Give your loved ones something that can make a difference and have lasting effect on not only their lives, but others. Give the gift of charity. On the selfish side, you can make a donation in their name, print it out, and bam—shopping’s done. But you can also know that with the money you could have spent on yet-another-sweater, you could help change someone’s life or even the world. To help you out, we’ve compiled our favorite charities, and let us just say—we were thorough. We would be shocked if you couldn’t find at least one charity that moves you to give. We’ve even broken it down by type to make it easier.

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