Why Pants Are Overrated

First we just need to come out and say it. No pants are the best pants!

Why, you might ask? Well, here’s a list.


There are less impediments for your dance moves!

For example, you’d be way freer to do the George Bush than even W himself.

Or you could own a dance-off like this girl here.

It’s one less thing you can drop pizza sauce on while you binge-watch Netflix, amirite?

My Scottish ancestors had it right, your private parts need some air, don’t they?

For those of us that like a nice space bubble, a lack of pants keeps the people away, eh?

You’re never more beautiful than when you are au naturale.

Some, um, activities are just easier without pants.

In the UK, “pants” = panties … so.

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You can do just about anything online, which means you can do just about anything without pants.

One word. Tumblr.

Cavemen didn’t need pants. Why should we?

Most importantly… We’re fabulous and we do what we want.


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