JustFab.com: Not So Fab After All

As a millennial, I consider myself worldly wise when it comes to Internet scams. I never buy anything on eBay that ships from China, I double check any Amazon marketplace purchases I make and Google the heck out of reviews before purchasing any tech refurbs.

But last October I succumbed to JustFab.com. Apparently, the chink in my armor was personal recommendations. My aunt recommended it to my mom who recommended it to me. Basically, it’s a subscription-based shoes and accessories site along the lines of Audible.com. Your subscription fee of $39.95/month gives you a credit to purchase anything on the site that’s $39.95 or less. Your introductory purchase is $19.95. (They just changed it to 20% off.)

I was about to head for the hills but then I saw this: “If you you’re not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you’d like.”  That sounded pretty good. It definitely seemed like it was a new business model. I figured it was a source for cheap shoes, probably a bit above Payless. But I was broke and really wanted a new pair of boots, so what’s the harm?

I found some cute boots with great reviews for both comfort and quality. The site told me that 96% of the community recommended them! Thus assured, I placed my initial order and waited for them to arrive. They arrived packed in a cute pink and black box and nestled in hot pink tissue paper. From first glance they looked a bit cheap. The color was not what I expected, but, hey, it’s only $19.95! Then I slipped them on. OMG. Cardboard is more comfortable. The boots were simultaneously too big and too small. They actually hurt just to wear around in the apartment. Oh well, I thought. Back they go. Thus, I began my journey down the black hole that is JustFab.com. All promotional purchases are final sale. This includes the initial $19.95 pair. I began to look through the site and I realized that a lot of the merchandise is actually coded as promotional. Not even eligible for site credit, just final sale.

How did I miss this? Well, simply because it wasn’t on my radar. It’s so out of the ordinary to not allow returns. I guess I also figured that there would be more disgruntled members under such a policy, but they all seemed so happy. So, being pissed off at this point, I wrote an angry review under the boots. But guess what? It was never posted to the site. I’m no stranger to companies gaming the system. Restaurants do it on Yelp all the time, but censuring out all negative comments was another unforeseen event.

I tried to cancel my membership. Despite having a link on the site that says “cancel membership,” JustFab then directs you to call them. So I did. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I hung up. I had other things to do and figured I just wouldn’t buy anything else and they wouldn’t charge me.

Unfortunately, I neglected to go to my account between the first and fifth of the month to click “skip this month,” so I was charged and received another credit.

 So far, JustFab was not technically a scam. Shady, yes, but not a scam. But then it got worse. Much worse.

Fast forward to mid-December. I have two credits for JustFab and still need new boots. For the holidays they introduced a “Luxe” line of shoes made with real leather, which promised to be a bit better. I have already sunk money into this stupid site, so I figured I might as well buy something that seemed to be better quality. Since it was their “Luxe” line, it was 2 credits plus $20 of my own. My employment situation had changed since I signed up for JabFab, I told myself that if I could find new boots for $20 I’d snag them. So I figured this could work.

I made the purchase. It included free rush shipping just in time for Christmas. I never received a confirmation email so the next day I figured I’d use their live chat function to contact them to make sure the order went through.

The live chat representative informed me that their site had been down and that my order hadn’t actually gone through. Fine, I thought, I’ll just keep my credits and forego the boots altogether.

On January 2nd, I logged on to my account and carefully clicked the “skip this month” button to make sure I didn’t get charged again. Then, I noticed that the site said I had 0 credits. That must be a mistake, I thought. The order didn’t go through, so clearly the 2 credits ($80) I used should have been refunded.

JustFab order status

But this is what my orders section looked like:

So I opened a live chat with a customer service representative and that’s when it got weird. I mean really weird. Here’s one of the best excerpts:

JustFab exchange

This continued for quite awhile until finally they just hung up on me (seriously). I did indeed manage to get one credit back into my bank account. I considered this to be a significant victory, but the other $39.95 was not to be found. I reported all of this in their customer service questionnaire after the chat. I have yet to receive any response (not that I was expecting one at this point).

I’m writing this not merely out of anger or revenge, but also as a warning. I Googled JustFab.com and there’s surprisingly little out there about them. I think many of us feel really sheepish at being taken advantage of in this way and just pretend it didn’t happen. The truth is plain, however. This is a predatory site. They will take every possible chance to rip you off, whether through procedural fine print (the skip a month process) or through blatant misconduct.

Update: Thanks for all of your support and RTs! I was able to get through to JustFab today and successfully cancel my account. 

Here are a few tips: they will always say that there’s going to be a long wait so don’t be dissuaded by that. Be very clear that you want to cancel your membership once you get on the line with a customer service rep. I had to repeat “No. I just want to cancel my membership” about 10 times. Make sure you get a confirmation number for your cancelation. They say that they will send you an email within 24 hours but we’ve had reports that on occasion they fail to do so and then dispute that you ever cancelled your account. Similarly we’ve heard that occasionally they will still “accidentally” bill you so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my bank account.

Here’s the rub, of course. I lost that last credit. So that’s $39.95 down the tube. But I think I’ve gotten off easy. I’d advise all of you—just do it and don’t look back. Keep bugging them until they want to get rid of you because you’re more trouble as bad press than you’re worth! Tweet them at @JustFabOnline and use the hash #JustFab to share your experiences and demand action. They will just give you platitude auto-reponses but your tweets will show up under their username for others to see and that’s the side of their company that they’d rather not show. 

Best of luck!

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  • After waiting almost an hour online to talk to someone with their LiveChat feature (since I had been on hold for 30+ minutes through the phone), I had a very… irritating encounter. I had a return, and the email had said to wait 2-5 days to process the return to my bank account. I finally emailed them on day 13, since no return had been issued. The woman I talked to told me to “Just wait for it.” which irritated me since I’d already been waiting eight more days then they had said. I told her very clearly (then sent another email through their “Contact Me” section) that I wanted a credit card return, not a store credit. Then she ended the chat abruptly when I brought up ending my VIP membership. Guess who still has their membership and got money back as a store credit?

      • hi, i was just wondering after you canceled your account did they ever charge you again? i called twice to make sure my account was definitely canceled and if you’ve had problems with after you’ve canceled i want to know cause i will call again

  • I only ever hear bad stories about justfab etc. anywhere that basically makes you pay upfront rubs me the wrong way and they’re marketing with youtubers bugs me.

    They’re shady and I’m glad you brought this to people’s attention

  • It’s probably worth mentioning that Adam Goldenberg, JustFab’s CEO, was recently named in a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) action as part of a crack down on deceptive weight loss campaigns. Goldenberg is a co-founder of Intelligent Beauty, the holding company for Sensa Products, which sells a powder that ostensibly makes people feel fuller more quickly. According to the FCC, Sensa used fraudulent clinical studies to support its claims. http://www.labusinessjournal.com/news/2014/jan/08/justfabs-chief-named-ftc-action2 and http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/feds-crackdown-bogus-weight-loss-aids-21449078.

  • If you were charged for something you didn’t receive, and you used a credit card, you might look into filing a chargeback. Basically call the credit card company and tell them you were charged for something and didn’t receive it, scam, blah blah, and they should be able to reverse the charge.

    • Unfortunately with JustFab it’s not that simple. You pay a fee to get monthly credits which you then use to purchase merchandise. The item wasn’t received but the credits weren’t returned. As I said, THAT’S where it goes from being simply sketchy to an outright scam. Responses to this article on social media outlets is demonstrating that I am not alone in this experience. This is a ruse that they commonly employ.

      • They aren’t much better in the UK! I accidently signed up to their ‘VIP’ account which I presume is what you were explaining. There was absolutely nothing to say about the £35 monthly charge when you sign up; luckily I read the fine print on the confirmation email and got straight on the phone to cancel this account. The shoes didnt fit, so I am in the process of exchanging them for a larger size but the people on the phone are useless and I am no longer bothering to email them as their ‘customer service’ team never reply. Absolutely awful website and like you said, there is no where on the internet (apart from here) where people are saying bad things- smells fishy to me!

    • Unfortunately the only way to cancel is by calling them and they are notorious for not answering- minimum wait time is 30 minutes. (see comment below)

  • oh gawdddd, I keep skipping months and procrastinating canceling my membership. I guess I better get on the process :( Will keep y’all posted

  • I skipped my month AND called to cancel with confirmation. They charged me anyways as credits to use on their account. Did the exact same thing to my coworker. Wouldnt let me speak to a manager simply said “dispute it with your bank, nothing we can do, yadda yadda yadda”. I regret ever signing up for JustFab

    • Yep. I feel so powerless. Hence my taking to social media and LD to spread the word. They actually just blocked me from commenting on their Facebook Page after I started to respond and post this article to people complaining in their comments section.

      • JustFab – a site to avoid! It was not made clear to me before checkout that a regular payment of £35 will be taken from my paypal account. PayPal will not honour my request for a refund as “I agreed to the terms when signed up”. There are TnCs at the very bottom of the website in extremely tiny writing. Plus, JustFab will not refund me the money! what company doesnt refund within 27 days? totally against my statutory rights. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • Did you try and contact by phone or live chat again? I had this happen where the rep was not understanding so I tried Live Chat again later and got it resolved. I clearly see that the rep was not understanding. Credit is immediately applied to the order. If a credit card was used then you would see a pending on the bank account. So if they credits did not go back into your account than that is a system issue and JustFab should correct it. I have been a member for over two years and never been charged a fee I have always skipped. I have never been scammed and don’t believe they are out to get you. It is a subscription site but they do have the option of doing a one time purchase you just won’t get the discounts. When I first signed up for JustFab I read everything I could about the site including terms, FAQs, and reviews before I made a decision. I hope that everything works out for you. I know by my comments that you are going to say I must work for JustFab and I don’t work for them. I am just sharing my experience.

  • OMG, their customer service is rubbish . Read where she tried to be smart and then asked ”’is there anything i could assist you with” . Avoiding the questions you asked.

    • Yep! And this is just an excerpt from the full transcript. The rep finally exited the chat encouraging me to check out JustFab’s YouTube channel!
      Their Twitter handle does the same thing. I really think it’s automated in some way.

    • Yep! There was even an attempt at a class action lawsuit against them a little while ago. I think a problem is that when you’re first looking for info about something that’s not the google term that first comes to mind! They do a good job going after the impulse buy market.

  • I signed up for JustFab in December to order a pair of bridesmaids shoes. Sounded like a great deal because they would only be $19.95. I failed to read all the fine print and discovered a $39.95 charge from them in January. I went back to their site, scoured all the fine print and found that the monthly charge is part of their service (unless you remember to skip a month in their short 4-day window). There’s an option online to cancel your membership so I did that and just took the initial $40 charge as my fault for not paying attention.

    Welp, now it’s February and I have another charge. I called them right away, told them I cancelled my account online last month and they said that yes you can do that online BUT you still have to call. How shady is that?! Horrible business practice. So “Daniel” with customer service says they will refund my money but it will take 3-5 business days *insert eye roll* and once that happens I still have to call back to cancel my account. So wrong and a horrible way for business to be run. I’ll be sure to find every place I can to warn others about their shady practices. Now I’m terrified for my bank account and just might call my bank when and IF they give me my money back and get a new card because of all of this. So wrong.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this story. Sounds like you had the same type of experience I had! They are totally a predatory company and my hope is that at some point they step over the line and can be brought to justice.

      • They have taken money off my card twice already this month even though I’ve always skipped before the 5th. I regret ever buying shoes from this place.

  • Got my experience with Just Fab today! Never will I ever go back to them. They put me in a negative balance on my bank account. I called and canceled my account, but the dumb customer rep kept trying to keep me as a so called “VIP Member”. I don’t understand where she did not understand me when I said I no longer wanted to be a member anymore. Yes I’m mad!! >:/ … They just better take my account off and yes tomorrow I will be going to the bank and changing my card. The little $39.95 that they made off of me, they can keep that.

  • I used a gift card, signed up for their service in order to get the discount and not have them charge my bank thus scamming the scammers. There is nothing they can take and if I want I can just use another gift card all you have to do is put “gift recipient” as the first and last name.

  • Something similar happened to me with Fabletics. I signed up for a free membership and got a promotional outfit for a fraction of the cost. Received my package (yoga capris, a sports bra, and a top) in a surprising quick time. And the quality was vey good. A month later, I’m randomly checking my bank account and see that they have charged me a $50 monthly VIP membership that I never asked for. It took 3 phone calls, 40+ min, and an argument with customer service and a supervisor to cancel that membership and get my $50 back.

  • I actually just signed up for this and placed an order…decided to google it, and found your post. I called right away to cancel. I actually wasn’t on hold for very long, and I only had to tell the woman 5 times that I wanted to still cancel. I’ve got my confirmation number, so hopefully I’ll get that email tomorrow morning…thanks for this.

  • This is a great article and a perfect example of what Just Fab is doing! I was a victim myself and it is horrible. I have used this blog to help explain to others why Just Fab is a scam. I even made a Facebook page dedicated to to the cause. I would really appreciate it if anyone reading this would like the page and post their experience. I created the page to warn others and to prevent future victims! This is a real problem, as they are getting away with fraud! Please check out the page at: https://www.facebook.com/JustFaborJustFraud

    If the link does not work, simply type in “Just Fab or Just Fraud” on Facebook!

    Thank you for this article and thank you to anyone taking the time to read this! Now lets come together and stop JustFab!!


  • AGREED HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I bought two pairs of shoes (and signed up for the VIP experience) after recieveing them and seeing how ugly they were in person (nothing like the pictures) I tried to return them and revoke my VIP membership only to find out that there is a 6$ restocking fee PER PAIR OF SHOES (thats 12$ for a 40$ purchase). So I decided to exchange them because it made at least a little bit more sense. I called 3 times because the sight wasn’t working and the whole process was frustrating and each time waited over 15 minutes to get attended to. One of the people was rude to me. Definitely revoking my membership ASAP (as soon as i get my new shoes…hopefully ill like them enough to feel like the purchase was worth it) and never ordering from that horrible website again!

  • Oh my, Today I put an order, the shoes were $30 off, so my boots costed $9,95
    But the only thing I want is to return time and get the hell out of this site!!

  • I have had issues with just fab, I will go skip the month and they still charged me and they are telling me that I can’t skip using my phone (well they didn’t have any issues taking my money by me using my phone)I called 6 times and got hung up on every time and I finally got my emails canceled so we shall see but also I went and put a block on my checking account also!

  • Hi,
    These people are thieves and they way they conduct business is fraud. If you get your money back well done. They claim money taken is non-refundable under their t&c and can only be used for more purchases of their poor quality products, but why would you want to?

  • I just made a purchase from JustFab. I knew websites like these were shady, so I read the ENTIRE terms and conditions before making my purchase. They have a new promotion out where you get 75% off your first pair of shoes with the VIP account so the boots I was buying would have been $9.99. I knew this was too good to be true, but the website said several times that you can cancel your VIP account at any time. The terms and conditions also said that. I admit, I was being a little sneaky and trying to cancel my VIP subscription directly after my first purchase so I wouldn’t have to worry about the monthly charge.

    So I called the customer service line and talked to someone in less than a minute (It’s also almost 12AM) so I didn’t have a problem with that. But what kind of annoyed me was that her end sounded very unprofessional. I could barely hear what she was saying because I could hear at least ten other people talking on phone lines. Whatever. So I told her my name and phone number so I could cancel my VIP account. She said that I couldn’t because I haven’t had the service long enough. I told her that I read the terms and conditions and that they said I could cancel at any time, but she insisted that I needed to have the VIP account for a “little while” to “get the feel for it” and then cancel. I asked her how long “a little while” meant time-frame wise and it took her at least a minute to come up with the bogus-sounding two months. I asked her where that was stated on the terms and conditions and she kept repeating the same things.

    At this point I can clearly tell this company is unprofessional. The lady would not let me cancel my subscription because I was not a part of it for “long enough” and when I asked her how long I would have to be a part of the program to be considered for cancelling, she made up an answer. Honestly, I could probably make a stir about this legally, but what’s the point? Luckily, the only thing that was keeping me tied was the fact that I got the intro deal of 75% off. I guess they had the right to say that the DEAL would not go through if we cancelled the subscription immediately, so I said “Fine, cancel my order AND my VIP subscription.”

    She did cancel everything, but I wished that I asked for a confirmation number. Since the end of the month is nearing, I’m going to make sure I check my account again so I don’t get charged the $39.95.

    I feel bad that so many people have been getting scammed. It is SO important that you read the terms and conditions on sketchy websites. This way, you have legal means to prove that you deserve to be treated a certain way. Employees are required to follow those policies, and it is the company’s fault if they left a term or condition out. They can say whatever the hell they want, but if the terms and conditions don’t match that, they have absolutely no legal backing. Keep that in mind everyone and please be careful.

  • Thank you for sharing this Zuska! I almost bought 2 pairs of boots on JustFab but something triggered me to wait until the next day and see if I find any other boots elsewhere that I might for some reason like more. Also when I clicked on my shopping cart icon on the site, it had a timer on, saying that the items will be kept in my cart for 20 minutes and the time kept running down so, that itself appeared as a huge snatch to me! The next day, I accidentally saw the reviews on google and thank God I haven’t provided my credit card info. I only signed up to JustFab so that I could actually access the site. Wow, what a scam!

  • They are horrible! I was over charged for a pair of boots, they refused to refund me the extra 20$ they took. Now they say I have to pay them 6$ restocking fee if I want to refund the rest of the money. So now they will have stole almost 30$ from me. I asked the girl to speak to her manager and she promptly gave me a number and hung up on me! The worst customer service ever!!!!!

  • Show Dazzle was just as bad if not worse. 40 min wait on the phone and still no answer. Each email took 4 days for a response and I had to argue over more than 20 emails. I had the threaten them with a law suit and they then refunded my money. Reason for me being pissed off was I paid for the return shipping and had a tracking number and someone signed for it at shoe dazzle and they still tried to say they never received my package so they could avoid the $90 3 pairs of shoes. So I paid $90, shipping was $40 and they also charged me a $15 restocking fee ($5 per pair of shoes). Ugh it’s making my blood boil just thinking about it again. DONT BE PERSUADED INTO JOINING EITHER OF THESE “CLUBS”.

  • thanks so much for this. i was contemplating ordering from that site, but needed more info. This really helped! i will be staying away from that site.

  • I just now cancelled my membership, and it is a huge weight off my shoulders. After skipping a couple months in a row they stopped sending me reminder emails and I’ve spent the last few months trying to use up the credits that I couldn’t afford and which quietly added up in my absence. The last pair arrived on Monday. Never signing up for this model of billing again.

    • The same thing happened to me! I skipped a few months in a row and then they stopped sending reminder emails — luckily I have been pretty good about remembering to skip without the reminders. Today (8th of April) I received the first email in a while to “remind” me to skip, a full 3 days after the skip window! That was the last straw. I called them and spent the 20 minute phone call insisting that I didn’t care that I had credit on the account, just cancel the whole thing and remove my membership, account, profile, and any other data they have on record for me. I’ll be checking my bank statements carefully over the next few months because I’ve heard they “accidentally” charge you after the fact. I don’t trust this company AT ALL.

  • So glad you wrote about your experience. A trusted friend recommended the site to me and it has been nothing but a total scam. The initial 2 pairs of shoes I purchased fell apart within weeks, they billed me 4 months in a row even though I skipped those months very definitely using the phone app, the phone calls to them almost brought me out in hives they are so maddening and evasive. After 2 really difficult pregnancies I ended up with loads more stupid credits but couldn’t get rid of them for a year of trying because they were always sold out of shoes I semi-wanted in my size month after month. But if I canceled my account I would lose all the credits ($492 – yes, I know, my husband still hasn’t forgiven me). Also the selection is for teenagers, not tired mums who cannot wear heals with 2 babies to haul around. Oh how I despise this horrid site. To top it all off I decided to just get all my friends to pick items as gifts for themselves so that I can be done with the whole stupid thing. Logging on I see a winter sale – 2 items instead of one for 39.95. But you cannot apply your “promotional” credits. So as a customer who they have stolen money from time and again, I cannot get 2 for 1. Total BS. I am sickened to read of all the fiddling of reviews, too. I ripped into them on my google app store review, but probably it never gets read. The fewer people who give this sight their hard-earned money the better.

    • I also made a comment/review on their Facebook page and Instagram page and I was then blocked. Most corrupt company ever.

    • I feel you. They are nothing short of a TERRIBLE company. I wrote a review for them on Yelp and it got hidden because apparently it wasn’t “a reliable review”. OH YES my review is more than reliable. It is 100% the truth. This company ships EARRINGS in a plain foil envelope with no padding. Mine of course arrived broken and it took an arm and a leg to get them to fix the mess. Their customer service is rock bottom and almost non-existent. They take forever to answer and reply. Their replies are generic and are always somewhere in the ballpark of “Thanks for your suggestion, I will pass your comment to the appropriate department”. But guess what? I’m not just putting a suggestion in a suggestion box, I want the issue resolved now! After this incident, I THEN I found out they no longer have free shipping no minimum for their VIP Elite Members. What?!?! That was their saving grace! The LAST STRAW came when, like the poster above said, you cannot use their current promotions and your store credits together. That to me, MAKES NO SENSE. Those store credits are technically MY CREDITS (MY MONEY) in the form of Store Credit that I got as a result of your poor-quality shoes and I should be able to do anything I please with it. I have NEVER seen a company do this and I do tons upon tons of online shopping. I only accumulated store credits because they would not refund my card for their crappy shoes that fell apart in 1-2 wears. Stylish, but cheaply made. I will never buy shoes from this company again. I’m just going to use my store credit for jewelry and pray that it arrives in one piece. THEN I’m done with this charade.

  • I feel bad for your experience. I had a great experience dealing with them.. I skipped 15 months total and never missed skipping because I set a reminder on my phone. I purchased 12 pairs of shoes and the only one that I had a problem with were actually made by Abbey Dawn and were sold through JustFab as a special and I kept them and fixed them because I liked them. I had one return as well and it went smoothly and I got a credit for it. I will say that I did buy one purse and it fell apart within a month so I never actually bought another bag again. They recently stopped charging Canadian currency so I cancelled. Based on other peoples experience I was ready to fight to cancel but I was on hold for 10 minutes and my phone call was like 5 minutes, received confirmation email and have received no further charge. I don’t understand why, when they have the capability of being a fine company, that they let people endure this kind of poor customer service sometimes.

  • Thank you! I was about to get sucked in! I had absolutely no idea it was a subscription site. They definitely don’t mention that up front. I’ve seen a million commercials & thought I’d check it out. I hadn’t got to the checkout process yet which I’m sure is where they rope you into the subscription in fine print– I was just about there & thought I had better google some reviews. So glad I did. I’m irritated I’ve been shopping for a couple of days trying to decide what I want but very happy I came across this before I wasted anymore time! Again, thanks!

  • Wow I’ve had the same c**p with them. These idiots should not be trading. It’s more scam than offering any kind of service, plastic nasty shoes, sizes are nowhere near normal. Guy on the phone admitted the warehouse was in Germany!

  • i was thisclose to getting a pair of shoes on there cause hello $12 total but then something said to me, check their policy because im a strict flats girl so heels have no interest to me….and it led me to this post.

    thanks so much! i dont know why this is even a thing!
    and have you seen kates new work out line through them!?
    $118 for a shirt/bra/pants!?
    no thanks
    these people are crazy!

    thanks for this post!

  • So, the one decent thing about JustFab is that they don’t charge you if you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account. Well, I had been that way for the last six months, until my mom finally gave me money and the I all-of-a-sudden had $39.95 missing because they charged me for that month and now I have a store credit, but I don’t have money. So, I’m hoping I can either A) refund the credit for my money and cancel my account, B) if I cancel my VIP membership, if I’ll still have that credit I’ll just go ahead and get a pair of shoes, or C) just order shoes as a VIP member, then as soon as I get them in, I’ll call and cancel my account.

  • They have been charging my bank a point fake orders (orders I did not place) after I cancelled my membership. I called to dispute the fake order and they told me my account was still active and that I did not cancel my account. I canceled it 3 weeks ago!!! I had to re-cancel my membership and they said they canceled my order (again, I did NOT place an order).

    I commented on their Facebook page and Instagram page and they have since blocked me on their social media sites.

    This comanpy is so corrupt. Something needs to be done!

  • So today is the 5th and I just remembered that I need to go on their site to “skip this month” well….as I tried logging in it kept telling me my email or password was incorrect. Which I know it wasn’t!!! So I clicked on forgot my password. I believe I have reset my password three times already today and it keeps telling me its incorrect….I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget my new password in a matter of two minutes….I do believe they are keeping me from logging on so they can scam me into paying for this month! I am quite pissed off and I will no longer buy from them.

  • I had no idea they charges VIP accounts $39.85 every month even if you don’t buy anything. Why on Earth would I want to pay that $ just to get a credit that I “can use to buy stuff with”. If I wanted to spend $40 on something from the site, I’d just buy it then. Why would I want credits that I might not even need. I don’t need anymore shoes at the moment. I need my money back! >:(

  • Thank you for writing this article on your woes with JustFab…. I literally just bought a pair of shoes off their website. Want to know something hilarious? Before you sign up for the VIP club, the “Cancel my Account” section on the website contains a check box that allows you to EASILY unsubscribe from the monthly charges straight from their website. HOWEVER, once you actually join the VIP service, that check box is replaced with their phone number, where you will need to call to unsubscribe, and be on hold for half an hour to an hour. This company is out to intentionally mislead you, and their sneakiness is just proof of how unethical they are.

  • Thank you for this. I was just about to get suckered into the JustFab adventure and I’m so glad I went looking before I entered my credit card information. I’m grateful for this post :)

  • Thank you for writing this, I almost signed up! However I’m kind of a brand name whore and was worried about the quality. People need to watch out because when you google reviews the first site that comes up are all positive with a Justfab rep responding. Obvious this has been set up by Justfab. The second site was all negative. And then I came to your blog about your experience! Thanks again!

  • It is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.
    One advise, don’t ever subscribe to the VIP membership! They will just steal your money. I’m currently struggling to get my money back.
    Moreover, the shoes quality is very bad for the price, they are the same quality than Primark. So if you want good shoes and cheap, I would advise you to go on shoesaholics, I’ve never had any issue with them and shoes are really good quality.

  • Thank you so much for this post! I was about to buy from JustFab but after reading the fine print of their so-called “VIP Membership” I decided to do a little more research, and your article helped me make the decision NOT to get wrapped up in their scam. Thanks again for all the time and frustration you saved me! :)

  • I signed up for JustFab and didn’t put in my billing and shipping address or card information. I was just browsing through until I came upon this blog and cancelled my membership. Will I still be charged and is it completely cancelled?

  • Im so sorry you had a bad experience with them. I learned that if I want to purchase something from them, is to use a prepaid visa. that way they cant steal money from your bank. Otherwise it would be insanely bad with them. I hope things are going better with your online purchases!

  • Thank you for this post! Similar things happened to me as well with this JustFab! I’ve probably ticked by mistake some box and I ended up with a “VIP membership” which allow them to take each month money from my account! I haven’t read carefully their terms and conditions as I was buying shoes not gold! I buy clothes online a lot but this never ever happened to me…I feel robbed :(…I sent them an email otherwise I’m decided to take legal action

  • I´m having the same problem here. And i took me more than 1 month already, but still impossible to cancel my account on justfab. I called them more than 20 times last 3 days, but there was only the robot answer the phone. the live-chat doesn´t work at all. And really stupid that when i send them an Email, they told me again to call them on phone. So i spent more than 3 hours sitting in front of the laptop, just for searching for the way how can i cancel that stupid account. Do i need to call my laywer or do something if in next 10 days i can´t contact them?

  • Dayummm I was just about to get sucked in by a Facebook ad and their $9.99 first pair promo! SO GLAD you wrote this! Thank you so much for saving me, I would have cried.

  • same thing is happening to me right now. I’m beyond broke and have been trying to carefully keep track of my funds. I was devastated today when i woke up and had $0.32 in my account(the only food money i had left for two weeks completely gone) I bought a pair of horribly uncomfortable shoes that are already broken last month, and thus decided not to shop on the site again. I had no idea they had signed me up for a subscription until this morning. I’m furiously trying to find a way to cancel this subscription but its not working. I’m going to my bank now to see if I can dispute this charge, and if not I’m blocking them from ever accessing my account. This website is a huge scam more people need to know about.

    • A year ago I went
      through the same thing. Totally broke wake up and find hundreds f dollars missing. I was dumb enough to use my savings account to purchase shoes and don’t check it very often as nothing else go in or out of the account.

      Instead of contacting justfab over and over I simply called my bank and told them justfab was a fraudulent company stealing my money and was not responding to me. Within 24 hrs the bank had gotten my money back and removed their activity/permission to access my account.

  • I’ve been scammed by them too, and am really wishing I hadn’t ever gone to their site. I’m a 24 year old woman who lives completely alone, and makes just above minimum wage. I can’t afford to be getting ripped off for something I never wanted. I almost couldn’t pay my rent this month, I had to beg my mom for money all because of JustFab. Since I couldn’t get my money back, I went and used the credits, and now I want to cancel my account, but when I call the number they give, a robot answers, and she wants a phone number that is attached to my account…but nowhere in your profile does it ever ask for a phone number. So I have no idea what to do….

  • Ordering for Christmas presents I have gotten 4 pair of defective shoes and boots~! With a no return policy on promotional items~! ARG. Garbage, I canceled my credit card attached to the bogus VIP membership so they could not charge me again, total rip off~!

  • Ah! I tried to cancel and was determined but somehow got convinced to stay (what the eff? So not me). I forgot to skip and now have a credit and I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO EVEN USE IT. And my first pair of boots were a disgrace to shoekind.

  • Wah wah wah…. Cry me a river. I have a JustFab account, and I love it. They have never been anything but great to me, you just have to make sure to opt out each month LIKE IT SAYS WHEN YOU SIGN UP. I’ve bought dozens of things, returned some, and never had a problem. Seems like the only women who have admittedly did not read the terms when signing up, which is not JustFabs fault.

    • Exactly! I have a justfab account and LOVE it!! It is my heaven! If ladies want to be smart shoppers, you must READ THE FINE PRINT ONLINE!!! duh! it’s just common sense! lol I love JustFab.com and I will continue shopping there probably forever! :)

  • I had absolutely no idea that I was joining a membership when I handed all of this information over to Just Fab. I got two pair of boots for a great price about four months ago and figured that was that, but then spontaneously got charged this month. If it was a truly month-to-month membership, and I never ‘skipped a month’, why were they charging my now? I just got off of the phone with them and was able to successfully cancel but they insisted on knowing why and never offered a confirmation number until I asked for one specifically. Total scam. I’ve talked to my bank and they’re not allowed any access to charge me in the future. The boots were DEFINITELY not worth this much trouble.

  • It’s a total scam. Had to cancel my card. So much trouble for some cheap shoes, bought 2 pairs but don’t even wear them…I wonder how this company is still working after so many complaints :|

  • Thanks to all for your reviews. Think I’ll continue to shop the old fashioned way….walk in a store, try them on and, if I like I buy. I get exercise also, and no one can make my life a living nightmare.

  • I have been charged by Just Fab 3 times each month £35. After numerous attempts to get my money back and no help from Paypal or my bank I have made a claim against them with Small Claims Court online. There was a fee of £25.00. I have briefly described the situation and I have won the case. Just Fab has refunded my £105 and £25 court fee. Of course I have blocked them on Paypal too. Please don’t give up and get your money back. It’s a scam company and this is stealing ! You are being robbed ! Don’t let them win !
    I have only learnet to not order anything from sites I don’t know and ALWAYS google the name of the company and also that Paypal is not that safe way of payment..

    • Hi, I’m also going to make a small claims court and was wondering what you may have said in the court filing?

  • My experience with them was similar to yours. I just forgot to skip for 3 months and they owed me $119.00. First they told me to call my bank, then that it wasn’t their problem. Then one guy told me and I quote “we didn’t force you to become a VIP member that was your decision.” After chewing 2 or 3 people out I got a full refund and closed the account. I’m going to make sure to call them back and make sure that my account is closed. I agree, be persistent, don’t give up. I worked for this money and I I want it back.

  • I did read the fine print clearly! I also canceled my account! (despite the comments from the Justfab cheerleaders) They failed to cancel my account on their end, I have all the emails, with them apologizing, as an error on their end. Yet, they failed to refund my bank, they took out money for 2 months in a row. I have numerous recorded phone calls with representatives; some telling me “they would reimburse the payments immediately” and a few “telling me it was my problem” followed by them hanging up on me. Its been 12 months, with no refund. They are horrible to deal with, on all management and customer service levels. They remind me of horrible collection repres, that truly do not give a shit about you, or your money.

  • I bought shoes on there and they broke within five minutes of wearing them, but because I had taken longer than 2 weeks to wear them after purchase I wasn’t allowed a refund. And because I didn’t have the original packaging I couldn’t send them back anyway. £35 gone in one wear. I also skipped this month, yet I’ve still been charged!! I’m going out for my friends 18th tonight and I’m a student so £35 is a lot of money to me but of course they aren’t open on weekends so I can’t even demand it back! Furious is not the word! I also rang up last month to cancel and after the woman droning on for half an hour with no prevail I had to hang up because I had things to do.

  • Thanks for this post! I just saw a commercial online for $19.95 boots and thought it looked like a good deal. I was about to buy some shoes, but decided to Google the company first and this is the first result that came up. Definitely not purchasing anything from them or joining their VIP membership. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much for this… I was ready to buy this pair of boots because I saw an ad on Instagram saying ‘only 10$ for your first pair’ but then I checked the VIP policy and I am so glad. I was initially suspicious at the ‘39.95’ a month thing, but then I searched up JustFab cancelling and I found your review. Just saved me from getting my Paypal account pumped dry.

  • I almost just bought a pair of “$60” sandals from them for $15, however, I read about the VIP thing, and was pretty much sold on it until I did my research. Thank you for writing this, it saved me a lot of trouble over some shoes that are 1 step above Payless.

  • I find it quite offensive when you said the derogatory word ‘chink’ it may not offend you but to others it does.

    • A chink in an armor is a defect, because they are made up of links of metal it is called a chink when the material is warped or a link is broken. The two have entirely different meanings.

    • Haha, that’s funny, because YOU are the one being racist here, by taking the common word “chink”, that has a perfectly normal definition that is unrelated to anything derogatory, and was ALSO properly used in a sentence containing telling context, and turned it into something racist. YOU are the one who saw the word “chink” and immediately associated it with a racial slur against asians. It’s people this who really get under my skin…actively looking to get upset or offended by something to the point that they become the offensive one. And that is the state of our world today, everyone is sooo concerned with being politically correct and not offending anybody that we fall all over ourselves, and end up making issues even more inflated than they are.

  • I signed up August 2015 and my checking account was charged 39 95 every month didn’t see the fine print either I cancelled my account over the phone and was promised no more charges however the woman I spoke to told me two at least use my one earned credit so I did only to find out that JustFab continued to charge my account without my permission and without authorization of a credit card I contacted them again today and advised them via live chat that I want my account cancelled immediately the credit card the used didn’t even have the updated expiration date or the 3 digit code on the back of the card because the card was just reissued in January from the same bank with a new expiration date and a different verification code that JustFab did not even have this is illegal to say the least and I intend to take legal action

  • Thank you for this post! They currently have a 75% off for new VIP members. I almost bought shoes, that I really need, from their website and then I started reading the fine print about the VIP membership. I found it slightly odd that the only way you can cancel your VIP membership is via phone, and that there is no option to do it online. That caught my attention. I searched more about it and hit your article here. Not making that purchase anymore. Thank you, Zuska!!!

  • I have had a similar experience with JustFab, I cancelled my account promptly once I had received my order( I had read the fine print and didn’t want to be charged monthly as I only wanted to purchase on a once off) at this stage Nov 2015, they had a button under Cancel My Account, there was nothing about having to phone to cancel your membership. It went through saying that they are sorry I have cancelled my membership etc..and that my account was now closed (I very stupidly did not screenshot this) I received no email confirmation and trusted (silly me) that my cancellation had gone through. This was not so! Not wanting to purchase anything from them again, I didn’t go back to the website, and hadn’t noticed that I was being charged 35 pounds a month from my bank account until my account had been overdrawn. I have contacted Just Fab and voiced my anger and concerns. I am still waiting for a reply and i will be pestering them until I get some results. They are very shady and I am not at all happy with them. I hope this can be a warning to everyone, learn from my mistake. They are too good to be true!!!

  • Their current VIP promotion is $9.99 for your first item but I read the terms and knew it came with the $35 monthly membership so I ordered an item and simply called to cancel the VIP membership as soon as the shipment arrived.

    At the automated system, I said “I’d like to speak to a representative”. It asked me for specifics and I said “VIP membership” without mentioning cancelling. When it asked for more I just hit 0 and got a human rep in under a minute. He tried to convince me to stay but I told him I wanted to cancel and he put me on hold for about a minute then told me it was successfully cancelled. I asked for a confirmation number for the cancellation and he gave me a “Case ID” and I received a confirmation email shortly after hanging up.

    I’ll be watching my credit card statement especially carefully for the next few months but cancelling didn’t seem difficult. The representative and I were polite to each other and we got the whole call wrapped up in five minutes.

    • I just said “I want to cancel my membership” and went through all the steps via the automated choices, they even tried to bribe me, like “we can add $10 to your account TODAY and just right now if you keep your subscription with us! Would you like to choose that option” and while I was tempted to I still cancelled, then went online, cancelled via the link on the account info page, and then saved the screen print of it approving my cancel.

  • Wow I had not idea JustFab was so shady. I just ordered a pair of shoes using the $9 promotion. I hope my card is not charged before I get my shoes. The 1st of the month is only 3 days away. I am considering canceling before my shoes arrive. Sad to have to do this because they may not even send my shoes if I do this but I would rather that then get scammed by membership fees. I should have investigated the site before I purchased.

    • The $9 promotion is part of being a VIP. It always says so on the website. When you first go to your cart there is a box they pre tick that says you want to join VIP. If you don’t want to join then unclick it. You won’t get the sale price anymore because it’s just for VIP.

        • Lol not an employee. Pretty sure they’re based in the states cause it’s all in USD and I’m Canadian haha. I’ve just had that happen to me before so I know what happened.

  • I am so glad I have seen this post!! I got an email from them today saying you haven’t brought anything yet here’s a free pair of shoes and I was like that’s pretty cool only pay delivery but something seems to good to be true, so I start googling.

    I have never ordered from this website so they don’t have my bank details or my address! I’m so glad I haven’t ordered because I have just moved into my own house so I can’t afford a stupid monthly membership for bad quality shoes!

    I’m so glad they don’t have my bank details! Don’t know what I would do! There is also a link on my account online which says cancel my account, it did also have a button to become VIP so before it let me checkout it did say the skip month bit which was why I was like what is that. Glad I looked into it!!

  • I actually really enjoy the site and I am a member and have bought about 5 pairs of boots and sandals and two bags, but before I actually purchase the shoes I do check the comments to look at the shoes reviews. They are actually really good reviews for each item saying how a pair of shoe looks or feels and most commenters are truly honest in their comments saying if their purchase looks cheap in person or not true to size. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase their are returning directions to exchange or just all together return. This site is a club and like every club to be a member their are requirements and in this case it is just to shop or keep track of the site once a month with its new arrivals and if you see nothing eye catching all you do is skip.

    • Most clubs advertise that they are clubs and that if you’re signing up with them, you’re signing up for a recurring membership. Not many clubs pose as regular shops, then write in fine print that you’re actually signing up for a membership when you’re at the check out to buy a pair of shoes, right?

  • I almost just bought a pair of boots from JustFab after seeing their “Get Your First Pair For $9.99” special. I was about to checkout and had all my shipping and payment information added, but then I saw in the fine print just before you place the order that by making the purchase you automatically get billed each month and the only way to cancel is by calling them. I immediately got rid of everything in my cart and went to my profile to try and remove my payment option. While I was looking through my profile, I did see an option to cancel my account and tried to cancel multiple times. It said there was an error and to try again later. I logged out thinking I should just retry. When I tried to log back in, I was prompted with a message saying my account had successfully been deactivated and to call a “fashion consultant” in order to reactivate it. With all their shady activity it’s hard for me to believe that it really was cancelled. Fingers crossed it really was.

  • Hi I was wondering, do you still pay monthly now that I’ve cancelled my VIP membership. Or do you just pay full price now for a pair of shoes if you wanted to order from there. I’m a little confused as of if they still charge you £35 a month if you’ve cancelled you VIP membership.

  • I have ordered from JustFab once. I didn’t realize about the VIP membership pricing only. I did get caught by it. I’m also from Canada so had to factor in exchange rate. When I placed my order I thought I’d only be charged $30 for the two pairs of shoes. When the amount was way more I was confused. Then I realized it was the membership fee.i had completely forgot to add tha. I didn’t have that much money so I called customer service right away. They canceled my order no problem and made sure that I wasn’t signed up to be a member. It was so easy and so fast. I’m actually looking At purchasing from there now years later. I’ve been burned by sites so I look up reviews. However I have a friend that orders from this site all the time and she swears by them. They are always so helpful when things go wrong.

  • I’m sympathetic to your experience, but I don’t agree that JustFab is bad. I’ve been with them for about 4 years and have purchased probably dozens of items (shoes, bags, clothing). Items on sale/promo are final sale (as with a large number of other retailers). Everything else you can refund or exchange for free.

    I’ve done numerous returns and have never had any issue. They’ve even let me return sale items, even when they were final sale because I was really unhappy about it. Reward points have always been correct and store credits have always been returned. Honestly, they’ve always been helpful and courteous.

    You just have to remember to skip the month, that’s all. Yes, it’s a little odd but every club/membership like this has similar rules. Honestly, it’s not a scam. You’d be scammed if they weren’t upfront. You just have to be smart and enjoy shopping online.

    • When they keep your money and you get nothing in return, that is called a SCAM.
      Her order did not go through and yet, her credits were gone. Even later when she cancelled her membership she only got half of the credits she had back. That is called a SCAM.
      Either you did not take the time to read her post in its entirety or you clearly don’t know the definition of a scam.

      • I did read her post in its entirety, and just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I read it again.

        If she had a bad experience due to their system being down/a glitch/poor customer service, and I’ve only had positive experiences, then is the company is automatically a scam? No.
        People like to sign up for things without reading the terms and then complain when things don’t go as planned… but I know this post is about a different topic.

        If she had a bad experience because of a few incompetent customer service representatives that handled her problem poorly then that’s a different issue. I’ve returned so many things (even when they’re final sale) and they’ve gone out of their way to accommodate my requests. There’s always going to be unhappy customers for every company, but just because something goes wrong doesn’t mean the company is acting fraudulently.

        I highly doubt that they would try to “scam” one customer out of $40, and lose a customer, plus lose others who read her negative review.

        Just Fab isn’t a scam, and you’re using that word too freely. Yeah, sometimes it gets annoying to skip each month, but that’s what I signed up for. Sometimes I order things on promotion and forget their final sale, but that’s my mistake. Get over it.

          • Lol I’m not. That’s fine though. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Just Fab probably isn’t the most transparent company, and I don’t purchase things as frequently as I used to because of their high price/lower quality. All I can say is that I’ve never been tricked by them. I knew what I signed up for because I read the terms.

            Please no more replies because I don’t feel like defending them into the new year. I just wanted to share my experience and go.

        • “No. People like to sign up for things without reading the terms and
          then complain when things don’t go as planned…”

          See, that’s what makes you sound like an astro-turfer. When you spout ideas that sound like they’re the crux of a carefully crafted legal argument that a shady company is basing its business model on in the hope it can avoid law suits, it’s fishy. Do you also read the terms and conditions for every cell phone contract and software update? Of course, because you have to know what you’re signing up for! And everyone has hours upon hours upon hours to read through technical legal jargon!

          Not only do you offer those arguments (which happen to sound very similar to the replies of at least one company representative to another article questioning JustFab’s business practices), few people think it’s reasonable for a business to sneak in an unusual, recurring charge in the fine print of what appears to be a one-time purchase, and if you do, maybe think about if that’s a sensible position.

  • Well I just called and cancelled my membership, I called the line, told the automated woman “I want to cancel my membership” she walked me through the process sounding sad and pititful while I just continually said, “No thank you” to all her offers to get me to stay. I then went online, clicked the “Cancel Membership” option on my account and screenshot it. I just got the email and now I guess I’ll just wait. On a positive note I can no longer access my account so I am assuming it has truely been cancelled. If not I’ll update, if you never hear from me again I’ve probably not had any issues. All in all, not having any trouble with them and my boots are cute for 10 bucks plus shipping, I really can’t complain.

  • Hi out there.. I’ve been signed up with Justfab for almost a year and have only ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I haven’t had to pay monthly or ever been charged for no reason. You have to be a VIP to get the sales. If you join and don’t want to make a purchase that month you select “skip this month” and boom, no charge. It’s really THAT simple. So, as long as you are responsible you have nothing to worry about. Also, I’ve done an exchange with them and they were polite.

    Future reference for anyone considering joining a membership or club of any kind… Always read the fine print. It’s something you should do signing ANY contract.

      • Nope, just an average customer who is intelligent enough not to make the mistakes others have made. Fun fact: paid reviewers will have much more positive rhetoric to sell the product.

        • Defending a company that requires you to manually remember to go tell it not to charge you for a service you’re not using after requiring you to read fine print to even find out you’re going to be charged every month doesn’t seem too intelligent.

          Another fun fact: astro-turfing companies paid to clean up bad internet reputations are supposed to look real, and not come off as though they’re being paid to promote or defend a product or company.

  • Thanks for writing this. I was right at checkout and read the “If you you’re not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 5th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you’d like.”

    I thought it seemed a bit sketch. Glad I searched Google, Glad I found this!

    You’re awesome!

    • I’m actually a member of justfab and everything I’ve got from there so far are good. Ive got few booties, boots, bags and jackets. You just have to remember to skip the month by the 5th if you’re not ready or don’t want to buy anything that month. I usually wait to shop until they have sales. I forgot to skip one time and they charged me and went on my credit so just a heads up you can’t use your credits for the sale items. I live in canada and theres a 5.99 shipping cost and takes about a week. But overall I love justfab

  • Its disturbing how many times JustFab reps are in this comment area POSING as consumers. When people see obviously fake posts about a company it ruins your credibility – which your sketchy cancellation policy and restricted credit usage has already begun doing. A customer will not buy from one that tries to mask the truth because it shows you’re actively trying to hide something.

  • I am confused. During your chat with the JustFab representative, you stated you were not charged by your bank, but you want your credits back. The “credits” are charges made to your bank account, so why would you be entitled to credits when you weren’t charged?

    Not trying to be rude, but what am I missing?

    • Because when you don’t ‘skip’ a month (don’t order anything from their website) you are charged $39.95 and get that as credits on Just Fab page to use it on their products next time. Since Zuska forgot to do it for 2 months she had 2 items worth of credits that she wanted to use on better quality shoes ( 2 credits + $20). But the order did not go through, so she was not charged $20 but they took the credits away. So initially she lost nearly $80 for not signing in on their website to ‘skip’ a month.

  • Signed up for JustFab using a PayPal account with a used-up Visa gift card because of all the warnings. Haven’t had a problem, when I opt to skip a month, it works just fine, and they’ve yet to do any suspicious charges. Suggest others do the same.

  • I would say that you just got the raw end of the deal from a glitch on their end. This is most definitely NOT the norm as I have never had any problems with my acct. I also though have never racked up several of the monthly charges. When my charge is made, I place my order. When I skip the month, I’m not charged. It’s unfortunate for you as I agree it isn’t fair. But again, this doesn’t seem to be the norm. They’re not a scam by any means. Hell, I just placed an order not from my membership fee and got 4 pairs of boots for $60. Plus they’re offering $30 coupon to use on your next order when you spend $60. Even if for some reason I don’t get that coupon, I still got an amazing deal! Sorry this happened to you!

    • I think maybe you might be the norm…. I have had pretty much the exact same experience as the person in the original article….. Even a very i similar chat story….

    • Do people really think it’s a reasonable business practice for a store to not mention you’re signing up for a membership except in fine print (at least in the US, I read German law requires them to prominently tell you you’re signing up for a recurring monthly fee), and then require people to remember to go online every month to avoid being charged? And then, to cancel a membership, require people to call and wait at least 20 minutes to speak to someone or have to deal with an automated bot not able to understand half of what you say (and you can only talk to it, there’s no option to press numbers or anything). That’s not okay. Why is that okay to you?

      If you went to buy groceries or clothing at a brick-and-mortar store and they did the same thing, would you be like “Oh, that’s totally reasonable”?

      • Let’s give you a more relatable example since you can’t wrap your head around the way legal contracts work. If you sign a lease for an apartment (which is a contract), it clearly states you have to pay your rent by the 1st of the month on in the first paragraph. However, on page 53 in fine print it states that if you do not pay by the 1st you will be charged a $50 late fee per day you are late to pay your rent. But you didn’t read that far or didn’t see that sentence. You will legally be responsible for that late fee charge, regardless if you read the contract or not. Your landlord can even take you to court and you will lose simply because you signed the contract.
        If you don’t like the contract Justfab had built for it customers. Then you simply don’t have to sign and be a part of it. Anyone is allowed to not like the contract for joining. Just don’t join and then complain later.

      • I cancelled and was refunded in 6 minutes

        we’ll see if the account is refunded on my CC but the call to customer service was easy

  • I joined Justfab years ago when I was young and I bought one pair of cute booties that I still love for $15 but I didn’t read a thing and borrowed my mom credit card to make the purchase (I didn’t even know I was signing up for a membership). Months went by and it charged $400 without us knowing so my mom called and argued for awhile to get the $400 refunded, which she did. But now I’ve been getting emails saying “Your JustFab Membership Credit has been converted to an Electronic Gift Card” so they are literally just putting money in my account to spend randomly. The card attached to the account is expired so it couldn’t be charging me, but I’m still worried because Justfab does definitely have a history of being sneaky.

  • Don’t be mad cause you can’t remember to “skip the month”. Everything was pretty cut and dry when I signed up, skip by the 5th or you’ll get charged…..really not rocket science here. Side note- I subscribe to FabKids, Fabletics and JustFab……Yea I know right…..mind blown! However do I remember to “skip the month” for all 3!

    • She doesn’t care about not skipping a month, she cares that they stole a credit from her and then refused to give it back. It’s pretty well known by a lot of people that justfab is a bank insurance scam. They fuck over their customers with the expectation that they’ll keep the money for overcharged, cheaply made products, banks will reimburse clients who will then stay with the company thinking or hoping they will buy something and receive it in the future which will be worthwhile. They’ve changed their name a few times, and have many smaller branches because they’ve been sued for deceptive business practices. The fact that you completely skimmed that and name dropped those branches leads me to strongly believe you’re one of the people they hire to write fake reviews/dispute factual and well grounded criticisms.

        • You commented, I commented back– somehow I’m the one with a lot of time on my hands for commenting (when it literally takes a person with more than a fourth grade education 1 minute to type a few sentences, as I did) but you’re.. what? Somehow exempt from this oh-so-original obliged dictum? Nicely and predictably rounded out with a passive agreessive moniker/winky face combo that was so brilliantly coined by middle school girls sole purpose in life was to peak in high school and spend their remaining years complaining about “ppl causin drama” and “ppl, u no who u are, talkin bout me behind my back!” You might not be a bot, but you’re definitely a compensated reviewer, whose only comments on disquis have been about justfab. Reported.

          • Well let me 1st congratulate you on your higher than 4th grade education, maybe next time you’ll spell Disqus correctly. And as far as reporting me, that was just a waste of your time. I literally just signed up for Disqus when I saw the JustFab article, so that would be why you have only seen me comment on that. Now I’m gonna go back to running my own business with my husband and taking care of my daughter. So sorry you don’t have enough of a life that you have to go and report people you think are bots. Maybe you should work on that. ;)

          • Haha, did you just try to make fun of her for not spelling a corporate name correctly? And you signed up for an online commenting platform to comment on an article about a shady online shoe store? But you’re totally living a busy life and don’t have a lot of free time on your hands? Come on, lady, even if you like the company, that seems a little over-the-top.

      • I feel like Chrissy might work for or otherwise be affiliated with JustFab. Even if her schedule were so open to be able to always go to a website to tell it not to bill her every month, it’s very strange that she finds that kind of policy normal and reasonable.

        Her Disqus profile is also fairly new and seems to only have made 4 comments, all on here… JustFab seems like just the type of company to resort to astro-turfing to clean up their bad reputation online.

        • To point out that Mel has added her negative and uninteresting input to over SEVEN comments found on the first page of this list. Mel is either a super cynical and bitter person, or she is simply working for a competitor of Justfab.

          A woman who can not handle making mistakes, made apparent by other women who didn’t make those mistakes, and in fact made knowledgeable choices, i.e reading a contract FULLY before signing it.


          She is being paid to sympathize with all of the people having a hard time and discrediting the people who truly haven’t had issues with the company/website.

          *So one basic minimum wage lady to anyone who’s reading. It is VERY IMPORTANT to read something before signing because you could be getting yourself into some deep shit if you don’t read fully. This is important advice that I hope you take with you in every decision you make in life ladies. READ THE CONTRACT. You could sign your life away if you don’t.*

          Now Mel, please get a life and hop off of the site. You’re just annoying.

    • I wasn’t even once given any kind of notice that it was a monthly subscription. I was just told hey you can buy shoes when you want shoes for cheap. Never once was there anything that told me I would be charged monthly unless I chose the option for VIP which I did not. So no. It wasn’t “cut and dry”

  • I have the same problem, but in Germany. I purschased a coat, and after that they used twice 39.95€ from my PayPal account. That’s a lot. I called them, they said that they can’t give me my money back and that i can continue with shopping. I repeated that i don’t want to shop anymore by JustFab and that i want to quit with them. And they said stay for a month or two and then quit and i was so confused and frustrated at the moment so i said ok. Now i really want my money back, i’ll try calling them again. Does it help if i go to the bank? I’m not good in german so that’s a little hard for me to explain to them but i have to. I need that money. I don’t want to order anything anymore, i don’t want their stupid “skip the month thing” i just want my money back, and to quit with them forever…Sorry about my english, it’s not my first language obviously. :)

    • Haha no! Not everyone who has a different opinion from you is fake!

      Signing up for something without reading the terms, and it’s not fine print it is right there in the terms, is totally a move I would do. Do I ever check my bank? No and I would probably end up out 400 bucks just like some of these other people.

      The difference is I would know I made a dumb mistake.

      Prepaid card is a good idea too.

      I am not fake, but I do wish this site had my size more often and was in Canadian friggin dollars. Like just fab.CA! Why usd?

      Stop saying everyone is fake you small minded weirdos.

  • I completely understand your issues.

    I had ordered two pairs of shoes; One pair I received damaged, while the other was sent to me with two of the same side shoe. It has now been a month and a half since that order was even placed, and none of my funds have been returned. I have been shipped another pair of one of the sets of shoes, which was (surprise, surprise) damaged upon arrival. The other pair of shoes I tried to originally get a replacement for was no longer even available. After branching out to various pointless emails found on their website with no reply, I resorted to their live chat option. This online chat option is horrible. Several times I spoke with representatives that either:
    A. Made numerous mistakes having to correct themselves
    B. Would end the chat before you could even collect all the information given, which is problematic seeing it glitches and does not even allow one to scroll back up the majority of the time, even after trying different browsers.
    Highly advise not wasting your money, or energy. You will end up waiting multiple months having to talk with multiple, faulty representatives just to receive unwearable shoes. Then they try to cop out by giving you a coupon for future purchases. Who the hell is stupid enough to continue purchases with a company who clearly does not care about their service quality?

  • Well i joined awhile ago for half price pair of shoes. Once I received them (junk)I canceled membership. Well guess what it never canceled and I’ve talked to people who are are rude and argue but claim its canceled. Then once again $39.95 comes out and I’ve never got credits it read zero from the beginning! Never have i received a free pair of shoes! I went to my bank and got a new bank card now explain how it still comes out! I’d love to go after them and get all my money back including times my account went negative because I shouldve never been charged! Worst company ever nothing but a scam screw them!

  • Also forgot to mention in the beginning I skipped months 3 times and still was charged so I sat on the phone with people I couldn’t understand btw to cancel my account and get my money back. In the end I was told go to bank blah blah blah but the only thing we can do is give u shopping credits. Which I thought ok well I’ll get my money back plus free credits hmm, hell, sounded pretty good! Except surprise surprise I seen the credits go in my account well i was on the phone because hell no i don’t trust them! The next day I went to bank got a new card as did my boyfriend just in case and I go online to use credits and make sure I’m done with this lying, heartless company and guess what no credits!! Here i am literally years later still going through fighting them with no luck and money somehow still comes out! Like they have my account info I need help going after these people and I know other people are going through or have went through this… I’m not here to offend but to save others from this mistake that will hurt u in the end, why would anyone pay to shop on a site then pay for the purchase too?

  • I skipped the second month. When I tried to log in to skip the third month they couldn’t recognise my account. I called the free phone number that said it would be charged at the premium London business rate. The automated message gave another number… which doesn’t exist! Fortunately I used my2 credit card so the card company are now doing the battle for me and returning monthly de2mands for payments…. dreadful (and in my opinion) fraudulent company.

  • I don’t get it, you pay $40 a month to buy things ??? couldn’t you just go to a regular website and buy literally the exact same thing but without the bullshit monthy subscription. a monthy subscription to buy things, that’s not sketchy.

      • You get charged $39.95/month for a “VIP membership,” which is supposed to “discount” the items you purchase from them and entitle you to “special offers” and the like. I know someone who just went through this and had to help her cancel the subscription–which was quite the ordeal–that she didn’t know had been deducting money from her account for several months.

  • I am so angered by this. I have been dealing with a refund from JustFab for 18 months now. 18 months ago, I got a confirmation of a refund I was making. I was to be getting 3 cheques: $153, $145.50, and $119.85. The girl sent me a confirmation and said it would take 10-12 weeks just to issue the cheque, then mailing time after that. I wasn’t happy with it, but what can you do. At least I was getting my money back, right? Wrong. 11 weeks later, I called to ask them about the status of my cheques. The lady on the phone told me it can take up to 12 weeks, and promised it would be done in the next week. Fast forward a month, I call them again after not receiving a cheque. They say they need to check with the back office, which is “closed” (It’s always closed, I’ve called about 50 times after this, and they always use the same line). They say that they’ll leave an email with the “back office”, and they’ll call me within 24 hours with an update. 3 days later I have no update, so I call them again. This time I get serious and ask for a supervisor. The supervisor says he needs to contact back office and he will call me within 24 hours. I gave him a rant about how this happened 3 days ago and I never received a call. He promised he would. He didn’t. A few more months later (6 months after my refund confirmation), I receive a cheque for $153. Excellent. I cash it and wait for the remaining 2 cheques. Two months later, nothing. I call them again. I get the same robotic comments about back office, 24 hours. No call. A month later I call again. This time they have answers. The cheques have been processed and just need to be mailed. A month later, I still haven’t received the cheques, so I call again. This new supervisor tells me the last supervisor made an error, and that the cheques were never processed. He needs to email back office, which is currently closed, and call me back within 24 hours. 24 hours later no call. Fast forward months and numerous calls with no real answers until today. Today’s supervisor tells me that my $145.50 and $119.85 cheques aren’t coming. She tells me it’s actually supposed to only be $159 left on one remaining cheque, and that all of the 10+ previous supervisors I had spoke to were wrong. She tells me that even though all 10+ supervisors had confirmed for me time and time again the $ amount of the cheques (because I was scared they would scam me one day and pretend they don’t owe me as much as they do) were all wrong, even though they kept confirming the same numbers. She said she saw nothing in my case notes that corroborated my story.

    They she had the balls to tell me that there was an error made in the processing of the (erroneous) $159 cheque and they would need to start the entire process again. It would take 10-12 weeks. I asked for this supervisor’s manager, and she quoted me a 1 minute wait 25 minutes ago. I’ve been on hold for 25 times longer than she estimated, and I’m almost willing to bet my life savings that they’re gonna let me hold for a bit longer, and then hang up the line. It wouldn’t be the first time JustFab did that to me.

  • The exact same thing has happenned to me and what I do not understand is how come they are getting away with this since so many years now. Is there no way to get a refund. I am a foreigner who stumbled upon this through a friend and noticed the scam only after two months of being ripped off and even though my subscription is cancelled, I am worried they will keep debiting this amount.

  • I have been using JustFab and FabKids since 2015. There have been a few times that I forgot to “Skip,” but I blame myself for that. I just use the credits later on something I really want. I have never had a problem. There have been a few pairs of shoes that were really uncomfortable, but for the most part every item I have bought from them has been good quality. I honestly haven’t had a problem at all. (Of course I have never tried to cancel, and I do see a lot of bad reviews based on them not cancelling your account when you ask, etc. We’ll see when I actually get there, if I ever do decide to cancel. But I’m pretty satisfied at this point!)

  • I had such a pain canceling them. Had ShoeDazzle since 2009 or 2010. Never an issue but one order from JustFab? Cheap. Pain the butt proceess but so glad I did. I always warn people away from them. Now? A few years too late found out that Just Fab bought Shoedazzle. Which sucks.. I did notice a lack of other well made brands lately and just Shoedazzles own. Which should have let me know. I just hit skip a lot. Thanks for this article and glad got at least one credit back.

  • I ordered from justfab using my
    PayPal account and it’s been a very long time and I still have not received my boots. I went online to check my PayPal account to find out that the shipping address was changed! How can someone do that? I shipped them to my house and the shipping address that PayPal posted was something totally different. DO NOT ORDER FROM JUSTFAB

  • I have not had any problems with them. I was just checking to see if sales have gone down since the shoe styles mostly became (UGLY UNIMAGINATIVE) bootie styles. (I think they look like crap with a dress.) I’ve also bought from shoedazzle, the US parent version (better styles) and have had positive results even when I had a ‘glitch’. Shoe Dazzle only delivers to the US, btw so you need a friend on the US side to receive them for you and work it out yourselves. Just fyi.

  • The hardest part for me with the sites was trying to FIND the “skip month”. It is in ‘My Boutique” where I NEVER look because the fashionista’s don’t have CLUE about putting together ANY outfit. A wretched mess of accidental, or ignorant proportions….in my not so humble opinion. :D

  • I haven’t actually had any issues with their products. While I was signed up in the past year I’ve bought a jacket that was really cute and made well, a few pairs of boots (with one pair of boots I got, the left shoe was a bit uncomfortable at first but I broke them in), a necklace, a shirt, and some purses. I didn’t know about the membership when I first signed up, but just ended up staying on it for awhile and skipping the months. The only issue I had was trying to cancel the membership, they really don’t like to accept that you’re trying to cancel and will try and push you to stay on.

  • I’ve been trying to contact someone there off and on for about a year to cancel my VIP membership. I have more shoes than I know what to do with and I’m the kind of girl who wears one or two pairs during any given season. I just finally got through to them and dealt with an automated customer service rep who claims to have cancelled my account but she listed the cancellation confirmation code so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if I never got an email and my account isn’t really cancelled. At least I got through to someone finally though. Earlier today the line was busy (how does a major company with an 866 number have a busy signal?) and sat on hold with online chat for about 30 minutes with no response. I’m not unhappy with most of my purchases but don’t want to be obligated to go online to stop a purchase from happening. I can’t keep track of auto-ship stuff.

    • Hi Julie. Well, I must be THE biggest mug? I am 56 and not exactly a fashionista.!! I ordered some boots ages ago at half price assuming that the transaction was done and finished.. Looking at my online banking I have just realised that I have had £35.00 taken out of my account — which stated 31 points — so is that 31 times at £35.00 – yikes. Now that does hurt. So, I have been to my bank today to ensure no further moneys are debited from my account. The reason I did not see the transactions really was because I assumed that any agreement to debit my account reguarly would be Direct Debits and show up as such in the statements. They do not. Sort of got lost in between the paypal and groupon – wowcher goods which I purchased the last 2 years. So anyone out there, please advise me what I should do. Failing no refund – am I able to atleast recuperate over £1,000 worth of goods. At least could go towards birthday and xmass presents. Thanks – A neive 56 year old.

      • Hi Angela, I have had a similar experience with this company and am more than a little fed up with having to remember to cancel every month. I forgot 3 times. However, I did manage to get a full refund when I called but you need to be firm. I put on the waterworks a little for added effect and told them I don’t need new shoes when my kids have no food! Of course they were reluctant and kept telling me I could use the credits for anything from their website, but they did refund. 31 credits is a huge amount of money so definitely call them and don’t be bullied into a partial refund. You need all that money back. Once I’ve got my refund in my account I will be contacting my bank to see if they can prevent any further payments being taken. I wish you luck in getting a refund.

        • Thanks for your reply. Will not be falling for this ever again. I went to the bank and have stopped any further payments being taken out. However, rather than be put through the extended phone calls and the waiting game ect – I have ordered some goods. Looking at xmass pressies for the sis and nieces next year. Having a sparse wardrobe – a reluctant shopper, got some essentials, such as jumpers, shirts and stuff I know I shall wear. However, looking at the site – it is not a site that would provide me with stuff I would really want. For example, I have a very broad foot, size 5, not a lot of cholce and whatever looked may have been a fit was out of stock.

          So the lesson learnt for me was, do not think that your statement would say “direct debit”. Companys I think are avoiding that so asnot to highlight or make it obvious what is being taken out each month. I will not be shopping for a while on the internet.. the boots I bought for my daughter cost £12.99 reduced from £24,00, 3 years later and a thousand pounds down !!!! ???? Fabletics is the same, wont be conned again. Unless i get senile – taking the coconut oil ! Said to prevent dementia !! See Dr Mary Newport. google. x

        • It was inspiring. They said that they can’t give me a refund. But I will insist. I almost had a heart attack last time I talked to them. But I won’t give up!!!!

  • Thank you for letting us know and especially me. I had debated whether to order from them and this has settled it all. The answer is no order. I really enjoyed the narrative and the whole story. Thanks a bunch.

  • I’m so glad I thought to search before I bought anything! I’m cautious of sites that auto bill you every month. I’ve been burned a few times in the past, so as a rule, I just don’t do it. Besides, I don’t even have room for a bunch of shoes! Our consumerism mentality has turned us into mini hoarders!!! Thanks again for sharing!

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