Literally, Darling’s Favorite Tweeters

Twenty-Something Tuesday


If there’s one thing millennials are good at… it is navigating and thoroughly enjoying The Twitter. Whether you’re a Twitter elder or just now putting out your first wee tweet, we’re here to give you a run-down of our favorite online friends who entertain us daily in 140 characters or less.



Jeremy Clarkson — @JeremyClarkson

James May — @MrJamesMay



Amanda Abbington — @CHIMPSINSOCKS



Ronan Farrow — @RonanFarrow

Ezra Koenig — @arzE




Prince — @PrinceTweets2U

The Writer’s Almanac — @writersalmanac



Michael Indemaio — @indemaio



Your Away Message — @YourAwayMessage

John Scalzi — @scalzi

Pourmecoffee — @pourmecoffee



Arjun Basu — @arjunbasu



Random House — @randomhouse

Common White Girl — @CommonWhiteGrls

RuPaul — @RuPaul




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History In Pictures — @historyinpix

Kim Kierkegaardashian — @KimKierkegaard



Modern Seinfeld — @seinfeldtoday

Mindy Kaling — @MindyKaling

Anna Kendrick — @AnnaKendrick47

David Levithan — @loversdiction


Beth Branch — @bethcakesblog

Sack-Vegas!! — @sack_vegas

Darth Vader — @DepressedDarth


Who are your favorite Tweeters? Comment below or (you guessed it…) TWEET US @LitDarling!

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