5 Badass Lady Politicians You Need to Know

There were some bad-ass lady politicians making waves in 2013 at the Congressional, state, and local levels. Keep an eye out for what these gallant gals do next, because it’s sure to be something awesome.

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Header Image Courtesy of Luigi Diamanti/freedigitalphotos.net (image has been edited)

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  • Also, Mary Gonzalez, Democratic Texas State Representative from El Paso. A moderate democrat who has ties to the agriculture community and supports their issues – which tend to lean republican. She’s a small town transplant now representing a huge city. She’s young, hot, energetic, and a total stereotype-breaker. Kicker being that she’s an open pansexual, maybe the first ever in the Texas Legislature, yet she’s gained supporters that range from both/all ends of the political spectrum. Most notably several conservative “good-ol-boy” groups who chose to look past her sexual orientation and focus on her beliefs as they pertain to their issues. A not so common phenomenon in Texas I might add.

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