Getting To Know Lindsey Through GIFs

You guys might have noticed there are a ton of writers here at LD. We’ve got guest writers, our editorial writers, part-time and full-time writers. You’ve probably noticed that we are pretty different, and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of who is who. Last week our editor-in-chief, Katie, kicked off a “getting to know you” series. We wanted to give the writers a cheat-sheet way of showing their personalities, differentiating themselves, and let us interact with the readers a bit more. Clearly the best way to do so is through GIFs and memes. After all, Tumblr is a genius and it works for them, right?

So who is Lindsey? Well, I am a HUGE nerd. I love all things literary, as seen by my BA in English. I love to read, and my list of books to read never seems to shrink, and it’s a wonder how the folks at my local bookstores don’t recognize me by name. I love TV and I enjoy collecting seasons on DVD. Truth be told I have way too many seasons. I’m a recent graduate, so I spend much of my time job hunting. When I’m not job hunting I’m hanging with my new nephew who is the most adorable kid EVER! I’m a Christian from the South. I’m born and bred Southern and I wear that with pride. But like my list of books, my list of places to visit is always growing. Here is me in GIFs.

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