15 Euphemisms For Your Period

Somehow talking about your period became an unbreakable vow of silence—thou shall not directly state you are bleeding from your vagina every 21–28 days. Why? Because it’s gross? Because it makes us feel like death warmed over? I mean, without this monthly visitor life as we know it would cease to exist. The next generation could not be born unless we are forced to endure this thankless process, so how do we discuss it? By making up ceaseless euphemisms for menstruation. Everyone calls it something different, movies have made iconic references, and for this Twenty-Something Tuesday we’re sharing our favorite descriptions (really as an excuse to throw in a Cher quote…)

(To kick things off!)

“There’s a crime scene… in my pants.”

“Falling Off the Roof” (Southern Family title)

“Aunt Flo is visiting from Reading”

“The Crimson Horror”

“In the Red Tent” (Very old school—historically women were placed in a red tent to ride out their menstruation.)

“The Red Scare” (Communists make the best euphemisms.)

“The Communists are Coming”

“The Reds are Playing Downtown”

“The Exclamation Point”

“Girl Flu”

“Perry Fairy”

“Shark Week”

“Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning”

“The Red Baron”

 Bonus? Period Playlist from “No Strings Attached”

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