5 Resolutions For Better Hair In 2014

We’re coming to the end of the first month of the year, which means it’s time to actually consider my yearly resolutions. As in all things, I like to procrastinate on these and wait until everyone else has just about blown theirs off and then think about what I want to change in the new year. Except I prefer to make them about things that don’t matter in slightest thereby reducing the impetus to just say “screw it.”

Therefore every year I make beauty resolutions and shockingly I’ve managed to stick to it. A few years back I decided to be better at taking off my makeup every night with a full face wash instead of just haphazardly swiping at it. When my skin turned so dry it started cracking, I added moisturizer into the list (personal favorite? Philosophy). Now I have a full nightly routine that I’m pretty adamant about that includes a thorough cleansing, a Clarisonic, and night cream. Another change I made a few years ago was dedicating myself to painting my nails once a week. It’s a superfluous thing to do, but I’d stopped altogether because I was always too lazy to take off the nail polish or update it, and so it was easier to avoid it altogether. Now I have a drawer full of Butter London nail polish (finding the brand that works for you makes all the difference, too) and doing my nails has become a weekly enjoyment (current favorite? Lady Muck).

With face and nails taken care of, there’s an obvious choice to focus on this year. My hair. It’s long, frizzy, curly, and dry and something must be done. It’s too easy to just wash, throw in some gel, let it get curly frizzy, become frustrated and tuck it up on my head. Which is ridiculous. I like my hair. It’s red and a big part of my identity, so why would I tolerate it looking “meh” at best? My goal is to get it healthy, shiny, frizz-free, and easily maintained this year. To do so though, I need a plan of action.

What I’m starting with.

Hair Resolutions:

Hair Mask:

I’m vowing to use a hair mask every other week until I see results. I’ve already bought Roots and Fluffy from Lush (FYI Fluffy REEKS) to get my hair softer and stronger.

Olive Oil Treatment:

Yes you heard me, olive oil. I had to use it to get glue unstuck from my hair and that small section had perfect curls and no frizz. I’m hooked and it’s far cheaper than going broke at Lush. I’m determined to coat my head in it once a month, even if it does make me smell like a foccaia loaf, let it sit for as long as I can handle it, and then shampoo/condition it out.


I have a terrible habit of maybe cutting my hair once a year and snipping the worst of the split-ends myself. Which is stupid since I love the way my hair looks and feels after I get it done. So I’m vowing to go at least three to four times a year.

Proper Conditioning:

It’s easy to rush through the wash/rinse cycle in the shower, but taking a little extra time and putting the conditioner in early, running a comb through in the shower and letting it sit makes such a difference. Goal? Slow down in the shower.

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Harnessing the Advice of Friends With Good Hair:

We all have those friends with perfect locks. You glare at them enviously while wondering how much time a day they spend getting their hair to look that good. But instead of seething, I’m going to just start asking (ok demanding) they tell me their secrets. Maybe one of them can teach me how to blow dry my hair without it looking like a beauty queen pageant from the 80s. Perhaps I can finally master curling the back of my hair. The possibilities are endless and shouldn’t we all work together for better hair? I think so.


Whether your goal is for better hair or something else, I encourage everyone to take on a silly little resolution that is easy to accomplish and makes you feel better. Something that can have a more immediate result than trying to be as financially stable as Donald Trump or losing 60-billion pounds of Chipotle burrito fat in six months (I’m fairly confident I could master “Game of Thrones” hair before I could give up Chipotle). You may not end up with perfect hair, nails, skin, etc at the end of the year, but you’ll most likely have incorporated a regular routine in to your beauty ritual that makes you feel and look a bit better.

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  • One thing that has really made a visible difference in the look and health of my hair are Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins.. specifically the brand Futurebiotics. Those work amazingly and it’s a good investment.

  • I need to make a habit (resolution) to wash my face every night. I know I always feel better after I do it, I just don’t do it all the time. Also, any advice and helpful tips on what to do with big, long, curly hair = always helpful. I have SO much hair and usually do resort to putting it up on top of my head. Which is crazy, because like you said, I like my hair.

  • As one of the girls who has good hair (it’s my one proud feature!), here’s what I’ve done. My hair (even though my Asian genetics play a massive role in his texture…) has been through hell and back with swimming for the past twelve years.

    Your olive oil treatment: Don’t put it on the top of your head. Put your hair in a ponytail and olive oil the entire ponytail. On your scalp will make it too greasy. You’ll want to sleep in your ponytail/olive oil mask all night. I lay down a towel over my pillow and shower in the morning.

    For conditioner: You want the thick stuff. Like so thick it might not come out of the bottle, and it usually has words like “smooth” or “hydrating.” I really love Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. Also I have a rule to keep conditioner in for 3 minutes at least. So shampoo, condition, and then body wash. Leave conditioner in while washing your body.

    Obviously try to air dry your hair as much as possible. I usually blow dry my roots until they’re totally dry and air dry the rest. If you need to totally dry, use heat protectant!

    For really dry hair (like mine gets in the summer), leave in conditioner is your BFF. You spray it in while your hair is still wet and then dry from there.

    Also, I don’t really know about Lush hair masks or anything, but I don’t like to spend a ton on my hair. My only real splurge suggestion is to try to use Moroccan oil or, even better, pure argan oil. I had some from when my friend went to Morocco, and you use it the same way you’d use olive oil.

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