January Writer Of The Month: Kelsey

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When picking a Literally, Darling writer to honor for January, we were all unilaterally voting for Kelsey.  She joined us just a few months ago, but introduced herself brilliantly. We all started to notice that more of our articles were being posted on Tumblr, a lot of our tweets were getting more interaction, and there were a number of new LD original pins on Pinterest. And they all originated from the same person: Kelsey. Without event trying she instantly got the attention of all the editors for being an incredible advocate for LD. We started chatting with her on Twitter regularly, and after she sent in a guest article, “A Culture of Dance: Garba,” we knew we had to have her on staff.

And she hasn’t rested on her laurels at all. Kelsey has been a powerhouse writer of both quantity and quality, writing about her own very real and painful struggles with mental illness in a poignant, funny, and relatable way. She keeps being a huge cheerleader for LD and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Kelsey’s pieces, here are just a few of our favorites:

Sex: A Perspective From The Bench

Why You Should Read It: Despite growing up in a very sheltered and conservative background, Kelsey talks about her transformation from running away from any discussion of sex to becoming well-versed in the dialogue of sex positivity and become more comfortable in her own skin.

Growing Pains: The Evolution Of Oneself

Why You Should Read It: Interacting with your parents can always be trying. They think you’re still a kid, you think they’re still trying to control your life and a lot of misunderstanding can get in the way. Kelsey talks about how as the oldest, she’s had to pave the way smoothing out that transition as well as gaining the courage to not back track on her own personal progress in the face of those who don’t always approve.

Coming Out Of The Mental Illness Closet

Why You Should Read It: Sometimes seeing someone admit to their own difficulties makes it easier to talk about your own, and Kelsey once again forges the way by talking about her very personal struggle to overcome her own mental illnesses. This was also reposted on The Huffington Post

Fostering Kittens: A Reflection and Some Tips

Why You Should Read It: Who doesn’t love kittens? But do you know what it takes to care for them properly or the amount of responsibility involved? Kelsey discusses her own brief foray into fostering kittens and shares some very valuable lessons learned.

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So if you love Kelsey as much as we do, tweet her and tell her your favorite articles @Krunr21


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