Coming Soon… February Movie Releases

Happy Rom-Com Month, darlings! Whether you like it or not, February means releases of cheesy, Nicholas Sparks-type movies. Rather than bore you with the typical Valentine’s Day films, check out some of these quirky, love(ish) inspired stories.

For the “friend-zoned”: “Cavemen”

Three words: Chad. Michael. Murray. While this trailer made me ponder CMM’s whereabouts since One Tree Hill’s series finale, that’s a potential think piece for a different day… “Cavemen” looks like the typical ‘we’re friends, but it’s really something more but we’re both too nervous to make the first move’ type of rom-com. Skyler Astin plays the adorable best man-friend to the beautiful Camilla Belle and CMM obvi plays the douchey foil to Astin’s likeable character. Could this be the Millennial version of “When Harry Met Sally…” ? Highly doubtful, but looks enjoyable nonetheless.

Release Date: Feb. 7

For the poet: “Adult World”

This seems to be less of a movie about romantic relationships and more of a story about the crazy love affair we have with our aspirations. Amy Anderson (Emma Roberts) is out of school, learning the ropes of adulthood, and realizing that her dreams of becoming a renowned poet won’t happen overnight. Seems quirky and a tad eccentric, so it’s right up my alley. Plus, John Cusack is in it. SOLD.

Release Date: Feb. 14

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For the twisted lover: “In Secret”

By far, the creepiest of these love-themed movies, “In Secret” stars Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Felton, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Lange. Therese (Olsen) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her cousin (Felton) but finds herself engulfed in a thrilling affair with Laurent (Issac). Seems like the makings for some good old-fashioned, 19th century drama, but things don’t appear to end well (spoiler alert: looks like Cousin Malfoy doesn’t make it)!

Release Date: Feb. 21

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