What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?

I’ve done a ton of cool stuff in my life.

I’ve moved to New York by myself, I’ve learned all the words to Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino and I’ve met several D-list celebrities.

To tell you the truth, my life is pretty average so far, which is fine, but the secret is I think it’s super friggin’ cool. The weird part is, a lot of stuff I think it awesome, others really don’t. Like the fact that I can hairflip really well or find anything you’re looking for in a grocery store does not seem to impress other people.

I never really got what being “cool” was really about. To me “cool” was just being really good at things or knowing a lot about them. You can be cool in any sort of group. Or at least that’s what I thought.

My mom always laughs about my baby and elementary school pictures because in them, I was adamant about wearing thick glasses and I had a bob. On my own accord. My friends told me I had to learn the words to Good Charlotte and 50 Cent songs to be cool. I usually learned them and then went home and listened to Def Leppard. My mother basically begged me to shop at Hollister. Now that I can buy my own things, I shop at Good Will and she HATES it.

My friends and I are all a little (self-admittingly) lame. We still play S Club 7 in the car a lot and are always the assholes who put on Backstreet Boys at a party. Oh, and we like musicals a lot. They like Dr. Who; I could never really get into it.

It’s not like I go around trying to be uncool or have this hipster notion that being cool is some mainstream thing that I shouldn’t be a part of because that’s not true. I just like what I like. And what I like happens to be seriously lame.

This might also be accented by the fact that I am a seriously socially awkward person who enjoys making a straight fool of herself. At bars or clubs, you can usually find me near the older people singing American Pie and dancing around. 

Either way, I wouldn’t trade one second of being uncool to seeming to fit in. I just really don’t like Cronuts and Jennifer Lopez never appealed to me. I’m happy with my still thick-rimmed glasses and my golden oldies.

Some people are just destined to be a little corny.

Photo By mecredis

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