Spotlight: Nick Jonas On Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour

It’s no secret in the twenty-somethings Disney world that Demi Lovato is still close with the Jonas brothers and that collaborations had happened, but nothing has been as close to perfection as when Demi announced Nick Jonas as her creative and musical director for her Neon Lights tour. This was a decision that definitely emphasized the talent that Nick had outside of the band of brothers he had dedicated most of his growing up years to. Unless you are a dedicated Jonas fan, it goes unnoticed that Nick is actually a very intelligent musician, and takes on a lot of responsibilities.

Typically when two young Hollywood stars are connected in any way in their respective talent, the first assumption is that they are romantically involved. Fortunately, that’s not the case for these two. In a recent interview with MTV News, the two of them discussed how and why this tour is different and why they are working together. In the video, the chemistry between them is so casual and comfortable, and it’s refreshing to see such a professional situation involving such young talent. “I always want his opinion on stuff because I know he knows exactly what he’s talking about,” Lovato says early in the clip. She goes on to say that a few ideas for the tour led to him creating the entire tour. It’s fascinating that a man as young as Nick, 21, can take a few moments and turn them into an entire project. From what I have gathered so far, he is attending as many shows as he can, even coming out and singing songs with Demi. For being so young, and finally getting a break from being a Jonas Brother, one would think that he takes this time for himself and indulge in being a twenty-one-year-old. Nick is the furthest thing from ordinary, so he lives an extraordinary life. In between trips around the world with his former Miss Universe girlfriend as well as living the life of a brand new uncle, Nick spends as much time as he can in the studio and working with artists on the production side of music.

This pairing of Lovato and Jonas might just be what the music industry is looking for: the introduction of the new face of touring. The Neon Lights Tour is a combination of effort from him and Demi, as well as fan input. They have used music videos to animate songs that fans expressed interest in seeing on tour, as well as rearranging them into new versions to spice up the lineup. Nick Jonas is taking this chance to show the world what he can do on his own. Judging from his resume so far (acting, singing, producing, etc.) it seems as though this is just the beginning.

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