Book Club Perks

It sounds like something older women do when they want to hang out with their girlfriends without the husbands and kids, but there might be more to the idea of joining a book club than a silly ruse. I’ve been trying to start a book club myself, but in my post-collegiate days I find that I am miles away from my friends. I have thought about an online book club, but I can’t seem to work out the logistics. Don’t worry, though, ’cause it turns out I’ve had a book club all along. I’m constantly recommending books or loaning them and then pestering the recipient about what they loved and hated. It might look slightly strange and require some FaceTime or Skyping, but it’s all mine. For those who’ve never experienced the wonders of a book club here are some perks:

  • you get to meet new people (networking is always good)
  • you get to show off your knowledge
  • you get a reason to make that cake you saw on Pinterest
  • you get to introduce others to your obsession that is Sarah Dessen books (or something else)
  • you get to sit and talk about something you love
  • you get to sit and talk about something you hate
  • you get out of the house away from the computer
  • and all this without anyone making you write a paper about it

Some might look at this list and see that these are all good things, while other might balk at the idea of leaving their house and computer—but give me a chance to explain. I love talking about books. I love reading them, sharing them, and pestering my friends into reading them and sharing them. They are a big part of my life, and in my search to find people with similar taste as me I have found there is no better place than somewhere I’m encouraged to talk about books. For some of you it might be your obsession over “Doctor Who” (which is also wonderful) but the point is you geek out over what you love. We do it online all the time, Literally, Darling is full of reviews and fans gushing about a book or show they loved. When you think about it, that’s all Tumblr is really; one big fan meeting. As much as I love talking about shows and movies, you learn a lot about people when they try to defend a book you hate or explain why they don’t like Shakespeare.

It’s important to have something in common with you friends, but I’ve found that I learn a lot more when I’m confronted with someone who is different than me. Someone with different ideals and opinions. After all, most of us here at LD are similar, but sometimes I learn things from my fellow writers that I never would have considered before.

Do you have a book club? What are some of your best tips and tricks?

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